How Can You Cry

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How Can You Cry
How Can You Cry

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Tears are a powerful tool in the hands of talented "actors". When any arguments and persuasion give up, bumping into a wall of unwillingness, stubbornness and counter-arguments, the method of "crying out" is much more successful and effective.

How can you cry
How can you cry

It is necessary

  • - onion;
  • - ammonia.


Step 1

However, few people can cry when and where they want to. It depends on many external and internal factors. So, for example, from a strong wind or bright sun, many eyes begin to watery on their own. Taking advantage of the moment and adding a little characteristic facial expressions and sound in the voice, you can get the same coat or ring from your spouse or boyfriend. A man's heart is also not made of stone.

Step 2

People around you can also help you cry, even if they do not rush at you or scold you, which in itself could cause moisture in your eyes. Think carefully and remember those moments in your life in which you cried or even cried sobbing. Then try to fix this memory for some specific image (object). It is desirable that it be something common, for example, glasses.

Step 3

When the boss once again scolds you for being late for work and threatening to be fired, while sliding the glasses onto your nose or nervously rubbing them, immediately remember the whole chain of images fixed in your mind for this object, and tears will flow by themselves. And a heartbreaking story about a broken heel or about a flood in your home will make your boss turn down his ardor, or maybe change his anger to mercy.

Step 4

In addition, ordinary onions or ammonia can help cause tears. The first option is convenient for home, when you are just preparing food, and there are clearly not enough arguments for the decision to buy new boots or a trip to your mother. The second method is suitable for take-away, as it is in a closed bottle and does not constantly spread its smell. In addition, it is quite compact and easy to carry. Accordingly, it can always be removed from the bag and quickly put into action. A couple of seconds, and you are already crying, and the scales again begin to tilt in the right direction.

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