How To Make A Wood Drying Chamber

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How To Make A Wood Drying Chamber
How To Make A Wood Drying Chamber
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There is not a single woodworking company or company that can do without drying wood. In order to prevent the appearance of various defects, a special technology of drying wood in drying chambers is used. If you want to make your own wood products, you will also need a drying chamber. How to make it correctly?

How to make a wood drying chamber
How to make a wood drying chamber

It is necessary

  • - camera (room);
  • - insulation;
  • - heating device;
  • - fan.


Step 1

Build a cell (or a separate room) where the ceiling and one wall are concrete and the rest of the walls are wooden.

Step 2

Insulate wooden walls. This must be done in several layers. The first layer is polystyrene, then a layer of wooden boards, which must first be wrapped in foil.

Step 3

Install the heating element. It can be made in the form of batteries. Supply water to the batteries from the stove, where it should heat up to 60-95 degrees. Ensure continuous circulation of water in the batteries using water pumps.

Step 4

Install a fan in the chamber to help distribute warm air throughout the room.

Step 5

Consider how you load the drying chamber. One of the options for convenient loading of wood is a rail cart.

Step 6

To regulate room humidity and temperature, use dry and wet bulb thermometers in the work area. Several shelves can be made inside the chamber to increase the working volume of the drying chamber. When drying wood, do not allow sudden temperature changes in the working room. This can lead to wood warping or cracking. The drying chamber must be built in compliance with all fire safety requirements. Be sure to install the required amount of fire extinguishers in the immediate vicinity.

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