Why Do Icons Cry With Bloody Tears

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Why Do Icons Cry With Bloody Tears
Why Do Icons Cry With Bloody Tears

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History knows many different miracles, which are almost impossible to explain using rational arguments. However, such cases are often nothing more than ordinary quackery. And it is precisely to the number of such charlatanism that all kinds of cases of crying icons can very often be attributed.

Why do icons cry with bloody tears
Why do icons cry with bloody tears

Clergy tricks

There is a known case that occurred during the reign of Peter I. As you know, in those days, many revolutionary laws were adopted that significantly changed the way of life of society, which, of course, did not like many priests. And then one day in one of the cathedrals an icon of the Mother of God began to "weep". The priests immediately rushed to declare that she was mourning the old order, destroyed by Peter. And although Peter was a believer, he was not particularly impressed by what was happening. Moreover, he sent a letter to the abbot of this cathedral, in which he promised that if such a "miracle" happens again, then the blood will come from the "ass" of the priests. Surprisingly, after that, none of the icons during the reign of Peter I did not "cry".

Many, of course, wonder how the "miracle workers" manage to do such tricks? In fact, everything is very simple. All that needs to be done is to make small channels on the back of the icon. Further, behind the icon, special vessels with blood, vegetable oil or any other liquid are placed, which, when passing through the channel, will seep onto the front of the icon and then roll down it like a tear. For this reason, ordinary water is never poured into the vessels, since it will not be able to descend over the icon in the form of a natural teardrop.

Other circumstances

However, if an icon or a cross suddenly “bleeds” in any church, then this is not at all a reason to immediately accuse its servants of fraud, because very often such “miracles” occur for quite natural reasons. So, for example, in 1923 a significant event for many believers took place in Podolia - there, in a place called Kalinovka, a cross covered with tin was bled, on which the image of Christ was painted with paint. During civilian water, the sheet of the cross was pierced by bullets. Rust accumulated in the holes formed, which, mixed with paint and washed out with rainwater, began to flow down the cross in the form of red stripes, and, of course, they were perceived by believers for blood.

Similar phenomena have occurred many times in other circumstances. And almost always they were successfully explained by scientists, if, of course, they were allowed to come to the accomplished "miracle". It is also not uncommon for people to take its usual fogging for the crying of an icon. Thus, it is not at all worth it at the first opportunity to blame the clergy for such events, because very often they occur for very natural reasons.

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