Is It Okay To Cry In Your Sleep

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Is It Okay To Cry In Your Sleep
Is It Okay To Cry In Your Sleep

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Sleep at night is not always serene and strong - it happens that adults, even not prone to violent manifestations of emotions, wake up from their own sobs or find in the morning that the pillow has become wet from tears. Crying in a dream often scares people, making them doubt their own mental well-being.

Is it okay to cry in your sleep
Is it okay to cry in your sleep

Why do people cry in their sleep?

Crying in a dream is more common in children than in adults - the child's psyche is less stable, various shocks experienced by the child during the day are reflected in dreams, in night crying. Especially emotional and sensitive children may even cry and talk in their sleep. This usually does not require additional measures, however, if crying in a dream is repeated often, the child may need to consult a psychologist or neurologist.

A popular omen says that the one crying in a dream laughs during the day - the onset of relaxation brings calm and good mood.

Adults tend to react less emotionally to things than children, often refusing to show negative feelings. Nervous tension finds a way out during sleep, from this people can have nightmares, night crying is also possible. If, waking up in tears, you feel relief, there is no reason to worry.

If, after a night of crying, you feel depressed and depressed, perhaps you should analyze your attitude to the situations that upset you, look for new solutions to painful problems. Frequent cases of crying in a dream, especially against the background of daytime well-being, can serve as a reason for contacting a psychologist or doctor for the appointment of sedatives - usually a course of light herbal preparations is enough.

You can also cry in a dream because of dreams in which a person has to relive traumatic events, sympathize with the characters of the dream, and find themselves in unusual, frightening or sad situations. Often a person in the morning forgets what exactly he dreamed about - only traces of tears remind of the experienced emotions.

If you see that your loved one is crying in a dream, it is worth waking him up only when crying clearly gives him discomfort and the person cannot calm down on his own. In other cases, you can simply hug the crying person, say a few soothing words in a low voice - usually this is enough to let him sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.


Children suffer from somnambulism more often than adults; usually, as they grow up, this condition disappears without a trace.

In rare cases, nighttime crying is caused by somnambulism, a pathological condition characterized by unusual sleep activity and previously called sleepwalking.

For somnambulists, physical activity is more characteristic - they get up, walk around the house, perform their usual actions and do not wake up at the same time. Less common are crying, laughing and even talking in a dream. In adults, sudden onset somnambulism can be caused by severe stress, depression, and less often epilepsy.

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