How To Always Be In Good Shape

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How To Always Be In Good Shape
How To Always Be In Good Shape

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Some people surprise and delight with their daily cheerfulness. Whatever happens, a large supply of vitality allows them to successfully solve all problems. To always stay in good shape, you need to take care of yourself and know the secrets of a good mood and cheerfulness.

How to always be in good shape
How to always be in good shape


Step 1

Start your day right. To be in good shape in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with honey and lemon juice on an empty stomach, exercise, take a contrast shower, and have breakfast. Water with lemon juice is a real energy cocktail that starts the metabolism and helps you wake up faster. Exercise and a contrast shower invigorate, disperse blood throughout the body, saturate tissues and organs with oxygen. Breakfast is best with cereals. Grains contain healthy slow carbs to keep you energized all day.

Step 2

Walk to work. If this is not possible, go at least part of the way. Active walking in the fresh air helps to finally wake up the body, warms up muscles, improves mood, speeds up metabolic processes and sets you up for activity throughout the day. Ideally, of course, start your day with a fitness or outdoor run. Try to devote at least 10 minutes a day to physical education and after a couple of weeks you will feel that movement gives you real pleasure.

Step 3

If during the day you start to get overwhelmed by fatigue and drowsiness, water will come to the rescue again, which perfectly washes away the accumulated negativity and physical fatigue. Rinse with cold water or hold your wrists under the jets. If possible, swim in the pool.

Step 4

To always be in good shape, do not forget to eat on time. It is best if you eat often, but in small portions. Such a fractional meal maintains normal blood sugar levels, you do not experience acute hunger, and, therefore, do not overeat and do not feel heaviness in the stomach.

Step 5

Green tea helps to relieve fatigue during the working day. It contains a large amount of caffeine and boosts metabolism well. In the fall and spring, you can take preparations based on Eleutherococcus or ginseng. These plants have very strong tonic properties, contain a large amount of flavonoids, essential oils, vitamins.

Step 6

Adequate rest is another important condition for excellent health and vitality during the day. You need to sleep at least 7-8 hours, and it is advisable to go to bed before midnight, because at this time, the body produces a special hormone that is responsible for the health of the nervous system, and therefore for vitality. Take care of your sleep hygiene too. You need to sleep in a ventilated area, without light, on a comfortable bed and pillow.

Step 7

A good mood helps to maintain good tone. And the key to an excellent mood can be your favorite music, fascinating books, interesting work, an exciting hobby. Find an activity that will positively affect your mood, and use this source of energy whenever you need to quickly tone up.

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