How To Choose An Insurance Company

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How To Choose An Insurance Company
How To Choose An Insurance Company

Video: How To Choose An Insurance Company

Video: How To Choose An Insurance Company
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Anything can happen in life. There are situations when real damage is caused to a person's health or property. For example, you can get into a car accident, your apartment can be robbed, etc. It is in order to fully or at least partially compensate for the damage in such cases, far-sighted people conclude insurance contracts. But there are many insurance companies, and each is trying to convince a potential client of its reliability: they say, if something happens, you will receive payments immediately, without difficulties and delays. But in practice, alas, this is not always the case.

How to choose an insurance company
How to choose an insurance company


Step 1

Remember the old wise rule: "Trust but verify." Ask for a license, check if this insurance company is included in the Russian register of insurers. Do not be afraid to offend people with distrust, after all, this is about your hard-earned money. It will be just a shame to throw them away, falling for the bait of the scammers.

Step 2

Take advantage of word of mouth. If your acquaintances, colleagues, and even more so, relatives have already resorted to the services of the same company, ask them in detail. Find out how reliable it is, whether there have been any problems, misunderstandings, delays in the timing of payments of insurance amounts (if it came to the occurrence of an insured event).

Step 3

If you are familiar with financial reporting, try evaluating the information that companies publish about their activities (for example, on specialized sites or in magazines). Or ask for advice from someone who is an expert in the field. To the experienced eye, various indicators will tell a lot, for example, the ratio of insurance fees and payments.

Step 4

Remember: free cheese only comes in a mousetrap. The desire to save money is understandable and natural, but when the amount of insurance premium is much lower than the average, this should make you wary. Ask yourself a quite reasonable question: what are insurers guided by when offering their services at almost dumping prices?

Step 5

Take the time and effort to familiarize yourself with the terms of insurance. Read literally every word carefully. No wonder it is said: "The devil is in the details." If you have a friend or good acquaintance with legal education (especially specializing in controversial cases related to insurance), ask him for help.

Step 6

Finally, try to develop a good relationship with your insurance agent. The ideal case is when this agent is familiar to you. Then you, at least, can count on not being deceived and recommending the best insurance option.

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