How To Do A Great Fast

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How To Do A Great Fast
How To Do A Great Fast

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The time of Great Lent is the time of preparation for the main holiday of all Christians - Easter. The meaning of fasting, first of all, is that, having passed this path, every fasting person could become at least a little better. There are specific rules that will help every believer to do this.

How to do a great fast
How to do a great fast


  • - the Bible;
  • - Orthodox prayer book;
  • - lean dishes.


Step 1

Eat simply. Although the spiritual aspect of fasting is much more important, dietary restrictions are usually the first thing to be remembered. This happens because it is these limitations that are the basis that helps to get the right attitude. One of the most well-known rules: refusal of food of animal origin during the fast. But here, too, it is important to observe the measure. So, the weak, pregnant, nursing mothers and those who are on the road are freed from it. In general, what is more important is not what is eaten during the fast, but the very attitude to food. Make sure that the food is not burdensome, and do not waste a lot of time and money on cooking.

Step 2

Pay special attention to prayer. During the days of Lent, try not to skip the morning and evening rules. Be sure to add the prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian - it is she who is considered the main one during this period. If you have the time and energy, pray more for others, for your relatives and friends.

Step 3

Attend worship services as often as possible. It is considered obligatory to attend the liturgy on every Sunday of Great Lent. It is very good to attend church services in the first week and during Holy Week. The first week is very important, because at this time the Penitential Canon of St. Andrew of Crete. If you didn't manage to come to the temple, then be sure to read this canon at home on your own.

Step 4

Confess and partake of the sacrament. Consult with your priest how many times this should be done during Lent. Be sure to attend general communion on the day of the Last Supper - Maundy Thursday, having prepared in advance for this event.

Step 5

Try to read all four Gospels. Read regularly, it is advisable not to miss a single day. This should be done even if the Bible has already been read completely earlier. This book is so deep and multifaceted that each subsequent reading will help you discover something new.

Step 6

Give up entertainment and bad habits. This does not mean that you need to completely give up rest. You just need to choose what will benefit. For example, a family vacation in nature or a trip to holy places. Watching entertaining TV programs and serials is better replaced by reading spiritual literature and works of world classics.

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