Myths About Sweet Living Abroad

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Myths About Sweet Living Abroad
Myths About Sweet Living Abroad

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Despite the fact that today there is no longer such a rush on the issue of emigration abroad, which was present a couple of decades ago, nevertheless, a large number of residents of the post-Soviet space still dream of a sweet life abroad. These dreams are fueled by a number of myths that simply formed in the mind.

Myths about sweet living abroad
Myths about sweet living abroad


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Myth number 1. Higher wages abroad. In fact, if we compare the average salary of an average resident of a prosperous European country or the United States, then yes, the salary is higher. However, at the same time, utility bills and all kinds of taxes are also much higher. You should not exclude monthly deductions for various types of insurance. In the end, not much remains. In addition, specialists in some areas, such as, for example, IT-technologies, in large Russian cities can receive salaries that exceed foreign ones.

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Myth number 2. Finding a good job for a high-level specialist abroad is not a problem. Of course, if you are a good electrician or a very talented waitress, you will always find a job. If you have a diploma, for example, a doctor, it may take years until you manage to confirm your qualifications. And this is in addition to the need to pass an exam in a foreign language: no matter how wonderful a doctor you are, you will not have to communicate with patients in your native language. And how many doctors speak English or German at the level to be able to communicate? So it turns out that even the one who headed the department in Russia, in the West, at first, will only be able to work as a nurse.

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Myth number 3. You can live a normal life abroad even on unemployment benefits. It is true that living on unemployment benefits is certainly possible. But you can't buy a house or a good car with that money. And you can't send a kid to college. To get this very benefit, you need to beat the thresholds. For some, this may not be a problem. But for a person who had a certain status at home and has at least some kind of pride, this will be quite humiliating.

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Myth number 4. Everybody has equal opportunities abroad. Yes, Western states provide almost equal opportunities for their citizens. The key word is ours. And everyone who comes will remain strangers forever. At the same time, one should not forget that any immigrant is a competitor for the indigenous population, which means that it cannot but cause a certain hostility. When appointing to a managerial position, preference in most cases will be given to “our own” and not to “someone else's”.

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This list can be continued. For the sake of objectivity, it is worth noting that many of those who left their country were able to find a job in a foreign land. But there are still more of those who could not achieve a sweet life.

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