How To Read With Wax

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How To Read With Wax
How To Read With Wax
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Fortune-telling in wax refers to Christmas fortune-telling. Since ancient times, people have been engaged in these rituals in order to try to establish contact with representatives of the other world. People believe that otherworldly forces will be able to tell them about their future.

Fortune telling on wax is a kind of Christmas divination
Fortune telling on wax is a kind of Christmas divination

This type of predicting one's future is in great demand among both magicians and healers. In early times, they used to guess using beeswax (for example, Pushkin's Tatyana did it). Today, an ordinary candle and a basin (or a bowl) of water are quite suitable for these purposes.

How to prepare for wax divination

Candles. Some magicians and amateur fortune-tellers believe that paraffin candles are not at all suitable for this rite. According to them, only wax candles should be used. Nevertheless, the practice of fortune-telling shows that paraffin candles do their job quite well.

If you still want to use candles made of real wax for fortune-telling, then they can be purchased at the church. Smelling such a candle, you can feel a certain honey smell. To keep the table clean, it is recommended to expose candles in candlesticks or candelabra.

Faith. The most important rule of any fortune-telling is faith. Without a sincere hope for an invisible meeting with otherworldly forces and without a willingness to find out your future, this or that fortune-telling is unlikely to give the desired result.

Water. You can't read tap water. It must be either Epiphany, or at least thawed. The second option is, of course, easier. You need to collect water in a plastic bottle, freeze it in ice, and thaw it on the day of the fortune-telling rite.

How to read with wax

First you need to light a candle and wait for it to light up. Once the wax begins to melt, gently tilt the candle over a bowl of water (or basin) and let the wax drain into the water. In principle, this action can be performed multiple times. The most important thing here is to ensure that there is enough wax on the surface of the water for fortune telling. Attention! At the time when the wax flows into the water, it is necessary to think about the purposes of the fortune-telling rite.

The meaning of divination in wax is in the figures that arose in the water. It is these wax silhouettes that will allow the fortuneteller to look into his future. The wax figurines can be taken out of the water and interpreted. For example, if a girl was wondering about her betrothed and she got a wax wreath, then her wedding is just around the corner. It is worth noting that this method of divination with wax is perhaps the easiest.

The meaning of basic wax figures

The egg means some new trends in life. Perhaps it will be a newborn baby.

A wax figurine in the shape of an apple symbolizes some kind of news about health, material prosperity, and harmony in family relationships.

If the apple turned out to be bitten, then there will be some temptations ahead that you should not succumb to.

The image of a person means a quick meeting with a person who will become a friend for a fortuneteller. If a girl has a figure of a man, then a romantic relationship is ahead.

The flower means the upcoming wedding ceremony. But it is not specified whose wedding it is.

The wreath symbolizes the marriage between the fortuneteller and his other half.

If liquid wax (or paraffin) has developed into long streaks, then they should be treated as roads. This is either a long trip or a move.

A figurine in the shape of a star means that in the future the fortuneteller will receive some news that he is so actively waiting for.

The mushroom is a symbol of perseverance, longevity and vitality.

The snake symbolizes troubles, diseases, problems.

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