How To Make A Wax Seal

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How To Make A Wax Seal
How To Make A Wax Seal

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The word "sealing wax" is familiar to many, but most often it is associated with parcels and mail. Earlier, wax seals kept the secret of correspondence, were a symbol of wealth. Recently, the wax seal is experiencing its rebirth: it began to be used for decorative purposes, when creating a vintage style. A beautiful wax seal looks great on a postcard, on an invitation scroll, as a decor, etc.

How to make a wax seal
How to make a wax seal


  • - sealing wax;
  • - a container for melting;
  • - wooden stick;
  • - seal;
  • - fat.


Step 1

Sealing wax is a dyed mixture of resins. On sale there is a piece of sealing wax, with a wick and in granules. Previously, all wax seals were obtained only in brown, but now the industry pleases with many shades. They sell ready-made sets with wax sticks for making wax seals.

Step 2

Melt the sealing wax over low heat in a metal bowl, stirring with a wooden stick, but do not bring to a boil. For warming up the sealing wax, special heaters are sold - sealing wax. At home, you can melt sealing wax to the consistency of sour cream in any metal household utensils (in a Turk) or in adapted containers.

Step 3

Check the quality of the material with a drop of molten sealing wax on the metal surface: it should not blur. To improve the quality of the sealing wax, you can add dye or some essential oil to the hot mass.

Step 4

Remove the sealing wax from the heat, let it cool down a bit, and then make an impression - gently pour the cooling wax over the place of the seal and attach a special souvenir brass seal (ice cream), which is sold in stores, on top for a couple of seconds. Instead of store printing, you can use interesting things from home supplies - a plastic button on a leg or a metal button that used to be in jeans.

Step 5

Lubricate the seal with grease so that it does not stick to the sealing wax when printing. Fat (you can also use cold water) creates a kind of film on the seal, which prevents the seal and sealing wax from sticking together.

Step 6

Print sharply so that the stamp is printed clearly. If you have to make several seals, dip the seal in grease before each seal on the wax. Remove the print from the print quickly, but not up, but to the side (like a protective film on double-sided tape). If your sealing wax is slightly bent after the seal has peeled off, straighten it by pressing it against a flat surface.

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