Which Tree Is Better - Natural Or Artificial

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Which Tree Is Better - Natural Or Artificial
Which Tree Is Better - Natural Or Artificial

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Before the New Year holidays, the thoughts of buyers are busy not only with gifts for family and friends, but also with the purchase of a Christmas tree. Many are worried about which spruce is better for the home - natural or artificial.

Which tree is better - natural or artificial
Which tree is better - natural or artificial

To decide which type of this evergreen tree is better, you need to consider all the pros and cons. There will be no problems with the choice, today in cities before the New Year hundreds of places are organized where you can buy a live Christmas tree, as well as specialized fairs and departments in shopping centers where you can choose an artificial one.

Natural spruce

No wonder they say that a real tree cannot be compared to a plastic one. As soon as you put it in your home, you will immediately feel the coming of the holiday. And it's not only about its fluffy branches, fresh green color, but also the real forest smell. This aroma cannot be confused with anything: the smell of spruce and tangerines traditionally accompanies the country's favorite holiday. The aroma of spruce, moreover, is also very useful: it soothes, gives strength, relieves nervousness, relaxes in case of stress, has a bactericidal effect. So during the New Year holidays with a natural tree you will be surrounded by comfort and the atmosphere of a real New Year's miracle.

On the other hand, natural spruce has its drawbacks. It is necessary to stock up on a new tree every year, for which additional funds are allocated from the family budget, and a good tree is not cheap at all. In addition, the quality of some trees leaves much to be desired, because they are brought from afar, before that they are tied up, trucks are tightly hammered, which does not at all impart beauty to the spruces. You need to bring the spruce home home, remove the needles there all the holidays, and after the holidays it will be harvested more. Conservationists will say that not all trees are legally cut down, and besides, it would be possible to grow real forests if less people indulge their pride in the New Year. After all, whole hectares of good young trees are cut down for the sake of two weeks of holidays, and new spruces grow rather slowly.

Artificial spruce

From this point of view, artificial tree is much more practical. Money is spent on the purchase only once, but after that for many years you can dress up a pretty spruce. This will save the budget and please the family. There will be no needles on the floor, the artificial tree is quickly assembled and disassembled, does not take up much space. However, before buying, you need to carefully study what the tree is made of, whether this plastic is allowed and whether it is safe for human health. In addition, it is better to choose a spruce tree, the branches and needles of which are impregnated with fire-fighting components, because such trees can sometimes become causes of fires due to overheating from candles and garlands.

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