Which Country Is Better To Live In

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Which Country Is Better To Live In
Which Country Is Better To Live In

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In childhood, it is not very important for a person in which country he lives, the main thing is that dad and mom are near. But the older he becomes, and the broader his horizons become, the more often he begins to think about where he would like to spend the rest of his life.

Which country is better to live in
Which country is better to live in

At home

Even if a person does not like his own government, there are still many reasons why he wants to live in his country. First of all, two factors are important for him: there is no war in the country and a good economic situation. And the decisive questions are: does he manage to earn enough to provide for himself and his family, is the social infrastructure good, how favorable is the climate for health.


According to sociological research, every third Russian wants to leave Russia and live in another country. But a good half of the residents believe: it is best to live at home in the homeland. People love the country, the government, their native land, and they often live by the principle: where they were born, they came in handy there.

Southeast Asia

Over the past 15 years, an increasing number of people have left to live in Thailand. It is always very warm in this country. The average air temperature is 29 degrees Celsius all year round. The sea, a huge selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood. Moreover, their cost is sometimes several times lower than the prices for similar products in Russia.

If you want to live in this country for a long time, you can get a study visa and live in the country for up to 5 years, leaving only once a year to a neighboring country to extend this visa. To do this, you need to go to a school for the study of a foreign language, pay about $ 1,000 for annual tuition. And after 5 years, you can enroll in another training course, and continue to live in this country for another 5 years.

And so - until you are 50 years old. After 50 years, you can apply for a retirement visa, and generally go nowhere to extend it. To do this, you need to submit to the immigration office a long-term lease agreement for the house in which you live, or documents for your own home, as well as a bank statement that you have about $ 30,000 in your account. And if there is no such money, such a certificate can easily be made for a "bribe" of $ 1,000.

Also in Thailand there is very good medical care. It is paid for foreign citizens, but cheaper than in Russia in paid clinics, and the quality is much higher.

Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia are also very popular countries in Southeast Asia. These countries are also warm all year round, inexpensive life and a "soft" visa policy. But the infrastructure is less developed.


More and more compatriots are leaving to live in Europe. Because in a number of countries you can get a residence permit if you buy real estate. In addition, there are various social programs, on the basis of which even a child of another state can receive an almost free secondary and higher education. The main thing is to pass entrance exams for language proficiency, pass tests in general disciplines.

Latin America

And also very popular countries among foreigners are the countries of Latin America: Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. There is also a warm climate, a relatively stable economy, good education and health care.

USA and Canada

Of course, many people dream of going to live in the USA or Canada. These countries have the most reliable economies, social policies, and excellent infrastructure. But the visa legislation is very strict. Therefore, you need to make a lot of efforts to get to these countries and stay to live in them for a long time.

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