How To Sign A Book

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How To Sign A Book
How To Sign A Book
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The book has always been considered the best gift. When you pick up an old photograph, signed by a close friend, or a book, thanks to these handwritten lines, you return to those bright events that are now far in the past. So how do you sign your book correctly?

How to sign a book
How to sign a book

It is necessary

handle in blue or black


Step 1

The signature should be left on the flyleaf. There are various ways to write the accompanying text. The signature can be located both "in line" and "at an angle". The content of the inscriptions, at the discretion of the author, can be absolutely free. Their volume also defies strict canons.

Step 2

As a rule, the book is signed according to the following principle: to whom, from whom, for what reason, date (personal wishes are possible). Try to make your dedication look aesthetically pleasing, that is, beautifully designed, legible, and neat.

Step 3

If you donate collectible books, of course, you shouldn't sign them. But if your present is a book, the main character of which is somewhat similar to the hero of the occasion, or you want to present this gift with a secret intent, you can comment on your actions by leaving a couple of capacious lines on the flyleaf.

Step 4

Explain the reason why you chose this particular book, write down what are the similarities between the characters and the recipient of the gift, give your conclusion: is it good or bad. This way, a person will be left with not just a gift and a set of beautiful words corresponding to the holiday, but also your personal thoughts, clothed in form and left on paper.

Step 5

To keep your signature "for centuries", do not make it in pencil. Use a pen or pen. After leaving the inscription, you should wait a little before closing the book. Otherwise, ink may smudge. You should also not leave a signature with colored ink (green or red paste), otherwise a person. To the person who received your present, you may get the impression that you took from the table what first came to hand. In this case, the best option is to use blue or black ink.

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