How To Find The Book You Need In The Library

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How To Find The Book You Need In The Library
How To Find The Book You Need In The Library
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The library is a unique place that stores a colossal amount of information that has accumulated over the years. Here you can find everything you need to prepare for training sessions, a scientific conference, or just find a fascinating book for the soul. To make your search fruitful, use the following tips.

How to find the book you need in the library
How to find the book you need in the library


Step 1

There are several ways to search for books in the library. First of all, you need to know exactly the author and title of the publication you are interested in. Now start working with the alphabetical catalog. In it, the cards are arranged strictly in alphabetical order by the author's surname or the title of books that are published without attribution or edited by several people. After the book is found, write down the information about its storage on a special demanding sheet. Here the code of the book is indicated, consisting of the index of the section (for example, books on economics have an index of 65) and the author's mark (it indicates the place of the book within the section). Record the inventory number of the book, if necessary. All this information will help the librarian find what you need much faster.

Step 2

In addition to the alphabetical catalog, the library also has a systematic one. It is indispensable for those who are not looking for a specific book, but makes a selection of literature on a specific issue. Before working with the systematic catalog, take a look at the alphabetical index. Using it, determine the index of the section of the topic you are interested in (for example, books on ethnography are located under the numbers 63.5). Now take the systematic catalog box marked with these numbers and write down the data of the books that interest you.

Step 3

You can significantly speed up the process of searching for literature with the help of electronic catalogs. Moreover, the request in them can be formulated both by the author's surname and the title of the book, as well as by keywords. It is very convenient and fast to search for books in this way, but it should be borne in mind that not the entire book fund of the library can be entered into the electronic database. Therefore, when looking for an old book that was published before 1990, it is better to use the regular catalogs.

Step 4

No one is as familiar with the contents of a bookshelf as a librarian. If you have any difficulties in finding the necessary literature, contact the librarian. A well-formulated request will help you get the book you want very quickly.

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