How To Evaluate An Old Book

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How To Evaluate An Old Book
How To Evaluate An Old Book

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According to experts, books with history are now being bought either as a gift, or to add solidity to the interior, or for a collection. And some, more forward-thinking, see the old book as a profitable investment. Collecting thematic books - about hunting, oil, the railway and so on, has become a classic.

How to evaluate an old book
How to evaluate an old book


Step 1

The very first step in evaluating an old book is the year of publication. Antiques include books of the period from the very beginning of printing to 1850. Recently, experts in most cases consider those who are more than 50 years old as such. Look at when the volumes of Pushkin or Lermontov were printed, which are stored on the shelf of your grandparents. It is likely that you are the owner of an antique.

Step 2

Pay attention to how many copies of the book were published. If the circulation is large enough and there are therefore a lot of copies of books, it will not be particularly valuable, because it will be available in more than one store.

Step 3

Among collectors and specialists, books with special marks are especially appreciated, i.e. any proprietary notes, autographs of authors or famous owners, dedicatory inscriptions, first editions, gift or anniversary editions, custom-made books - all this gives the book significance and weight and arouses greater interest among specialists and collectors. But it should be noted that there are not so many such books and publications, and quite often you can find a fake.

Step 4

Almost all old valuable books have their own so-called "biography". It is by her that you can evaluate the old book. There are special catalogs with which you can find out about the book, its history, circulation, and therefore about its value. Also, similar information can be obtained on specialized sites on the Internet.

Step 5

If, nevertheless, you were unable to determine the value of a particular book on your own, seek help from antiquary specialists who can more accurately tell you about the value of the book. Choose organizations with good reviews, which have long been in the valuables market, so that you can be calm about the fate of your jewelry.

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