How To Restore The Service Book

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How To Restore The Service Book
How To Restore The Service Book

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When buying a new car, the seller is obliged to issue you a service book. This document lists all events, repairs, diagnostics and adjustments that were made with your machine. If it has been lost, then there is an opportunity to restore it.

How to restore the service book
How to restore the service book


  • - the name of the salon where the car was purchased;
  • - contact information for communication with an authorized dealer.


Step 1

Contact the dealership or dealer where the vehicle was inspected. Specify the possibility of restoring the service book in your case, because usually dealerships have a factory warranty period, after which its duplicate is not issued.

Step 2

If the book is still to be restored, you should be offered a list of documents for its restoration, which usually consists of: 1. Statements; 2. Copies of registration certificate; 3. Copies of the TCP on both sides; 4. Copies of driver's license; 5. Copies of the passport of the owner of the car. In any case, this list should be checked with the manager of the car dealership.

Step 3

Send the package of documents to the office of the company. It is possible to provide scanned documents by agreement with the manager. The terms for making a duplicate are different for all firms, usually from 5 days to several weeks. Service book restoration is not a free service. Issue price from 1 to 2 thousand rubles

Step 4

If the vehicle was inspected in different services, you will have to travel around them and collect all the stamps and seals. All information remains in the computer base of car services, they should not refuse to issue a stamp.

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