What Are Wedding Anniversaries Called

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What Are Wedding Anniversaries Called
What Are Wedding Anniversaries Called
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Almost every wedding anniversary has its own name, it did not appear by chance, but reflects the strength of the relationship between the spouses at this stage. The first years, the husband and wife celebrate a gauze, paper anniversary - which indicates a shaky union, gradually the relationship is getting stronger and the names reflect the strength of the metal - silver, gold, iron.

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Marriage symbol


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The first wedding anniversary is called chintz, gauze, flour or cotton wool. All these names indicate that the spouses are tied by an insecure marriage and this relationship is easy to break. On the day of the first anniversary, it is customary to give each other chintz handkerchiefs. The second anniversary is called a paper wedding. During this period, there are many difficulties on the way of the newlyweds, and in order to preserve the family hearth, they must support each other more. On the third anniversary of their life together, they celebrate a leather wedding. This name was given to the anniversary because the relationship between young people is easy to change and are often "strained", tk. spouses are experiencing a crisis in family relationships. The date of the fourth anniversary is called differently - linen, wax or rope wedding. From the name it can be understood that a husband and wife are connected by a relationship that is not so easy to break. It is customary to light a candle for a wax wedding, the longer the flame does not go out, the more years the married couple will spend in love and harmony.

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The first five-year anniversary was called a wooden wedding. On this day, the newlyweds are presented with a pair of wooden spoons or paired wooden figurines. 6 years of marriage is called a cast-iron wedding. Family relationships are quite strong, but they can "crack" from a strong shock. At this time, the family enters another period of crisis. Zinc wedding is the only date that is celebrated six months after the previous anniversary, i.e. at 6.5 years old. Further, at the age of 7, the couple celebrate a copper wedding. In couples who have crossed this line together, the relationship takes on a tempered character, and they are not afraid of any difficulties. The tin wedding is celebrated in the eighth year, family relationships are strong, but they still have inherent flexibility - like tin. The nine-year anniversary is called a faience wedding. On this day, it is customary for the "young" to give earthenware mugs or other beautiful dishes made of this material.

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The first anniversary - the decade of living together - was called a pink or pewter wedding. On this day, the husband traditionally gives roses. Further, the spouses often celebrate round dates with a frequency of 5 or 10 years, but up to 20 years of marriage, each wedding day has its own name: 11 years is a steel wedding, 12 is nickel, 13 is lace or woolen, 14 is agate. Fifteen years - a crystal or glass wedding, on this day the newlyweds always have dinner from the dishes of the same "composition", guests often give crystal glasses. 16 years old is called a topaz anniversary, at 17 years old the wedding is dedicated to a rose, at 18 years old it is a symbol of turquoise, on 19 years of marriage they celebrate a pomegranate or hyacinth anniversary.

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A porcelain wedding symbolizes two dozen years lived together; on this day, it is customary to give porcelain sets. At the age of 25, husband and wife celebrate a silver wedding, their relationship is so strong and noble that it is comparable to the metal of the same name. The thirtieth anniversary is called a pearl wedding, and on this day, the husband traditionally presents his wife with a string of pearls, which emphasizes female beauty.

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The spouses celebrate the amber wedding for 34 years of living together; at 35, the couple celebrates a linen or coral wedding. The 40th anniversary is called a ruby ​​wedding, the eponymous stone symbolizes wisdom, maturity and is very durable. The sapphire wedding is celebrated at the 45th anniversary of marriage. It is believed that the sapphire stone gives strength to the spirit and protects against various ailments.The Golden Wedding is celebrated when a husband and wife have walked hand in hand through their lives for 50 glorious years.

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At 55, the couple celebrate an emerald wedding, and the 60th anniversary symbolizes purity and a strong bond like in a diamond, therefore it is called a diamond wedding. Centenarians celebrate an iron wedding at 65; their 70th anniversary is called a blessed wedding. And only a few can boast that they celebrated their crown anniversary at the age of 75 and oak at 80. Single couples, who are congratulated by the whole world, celebrate the red wedding on the day of the centenary of the wedding.

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