How To Design A Case Cover

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How To Design A Case Cover
How To Design A Case Cover

Video: How To Design A Case Cover

Video: How To Design A Case Cover
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According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, not all employees have a personal file. This requirement is mandatory only for civil servants. However, many commercial organizations also have a similar practice, especially with respect to those employees who hold positions of responsibility.

How to design a case cover
How to design a case cover


Step 1

The employee's personal file is a folder with all the necessary documents (application for a job, a questionnaire or personal sheet on personnel records, an autobiography or resume, a copy of a job order, orders for incentives and penalties, etc.). Therefore, to compile it, remove all the necessary copies and take the originals from the employee.

Step 2

The cover of the personal file must be drawn up in the form established by GOST 17914-72. True, at the present time (especially in commercial organizations) this is not always observed. But in order to avoid misunderstandings and problems with regulatory authorities, it is necessary to ensure that the cover of the personal file contains the necessary minimum of information.

Step 3

On the top right side of the cover, write the serial number of the case (usually the personnel number). It is under this number that a personal file is registered in the "Book (journal) of accounting for personal affairs". This book should contain the following information: the serial number, surname, name, patronymic of the employee, as well as the date of the registration of the case and the date of the removal of the case from the register.

Step 4

In some organizations, in addition to the ordinal (personnel) number of the case in the upper right corner of the cover, they also fill in the columns: "Fund No. ____" and "Inventory No. ____".

Step 5

In the middle of the cover, write the full name of the organization. For example, Vostok Limited Liability Company. Under it is the abbreviated name of the organization: "LLC" Vostok ", and even lower - the name of the structural unit where the employee works. For example: "supply department". Under these data, it is indicated: "Personal file No. …" - in accordance with the personnel number mentioned in the upper right part. Immediately after this, write the last name, first name and patronymic of the employee in the nominative case.

Step 6

In the lower right corner of the cover of the personal file, there should be the following entries:

- "The date of the beginning";

- "Expiration date";

- "On _____ sheets";

- "Keep _______".

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