How To Create A Wedding Menu

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How To Create A Wedding Menu
How To Create A Wedding Menu

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Designing a wedding menu can be a daunting task as this type of celebration involves a large number of guests. In order to create a universal menu that will satisfy all guests, this issue must be taken care of in advance.

How to create a wedding menu
How to create a wedding menu


Step 1

When making your guest list, count how many vegetarians, fasting people, allergy sufferers, and so on. If in doubt, be sure to check with the guest directly. Already having all the data on hand, make a menu. The ideal wedding menu should include fish, meat and lean dishes so that each guest can choose a meal that suits them. To make it easier for guests to choose, provide each dish with cards indicating the composition, this will help allergy sufferers choose safe food, and not spoil the holiday for you or yourself.

Step 2

When sending out wedding invitations, enclose cards with dish options in them; along with the response letters, your guests can send you completed cards, which will greatly simplify the process of making a menu.

Step 3

When calculating portions, remember that one person should not have more than a kilogram of food. Of this kilogram, about half should be snacks and salads, hot dishes and side dishes should be about 300 grams, for fruits and dessert, so about 200 grams remains.

Step 4

The presentation of food at a wedding should be gradual and consistent with the celebration program. Guests at weddings usually not only drink and eat, but also dance, participate in competitions, and communicate with each other. It is best to immediately cover the table with appetizers and salads, about half an hour after the guests take their places at the table, you can serve hot snacks, and after an hour and a half, serve hot dishes.

Step 5

For one person, you need to lay at least a liter of soft drinks; in the heat, this amount can be safely doubled. You need to be careful with alcoholic beverages. You should not order them in advance with a margin, it is better to supplement the order during the evening if necessary. Prefer wines over spirits. It is wines that should make up two-thirds of the alcoholic menu.

Step 6

Try to organize a light snack buffet during the gathering. This will allow your friends and loved ones to communicate with each other calmly without feeling hungry. Fruits and canapes are suitable as appetizers for the buffet table. From drinks, refreshing non-alcoholic lemonades and crochets, as well as champagne, must be present on it.

Step 7

If you have children at your wedding, arrange a tea table for them. Place cookies, sweets, cakes and tea on it. This way little guests do not have to wait until the end of the evening to enjoy sweets.

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