What Are The Correct Names For Different Wedding Anniversaries?

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What Are The Correct Names For Different Wedding Anniversaries?
What Are The Correct Names For Different Wedding Anniversaries?

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A wedding anniversary is an event that can be celebrated with family and loved ones. There are certain names for each year of cohabitation, according to these names it is very convenient to choose an amazing gift for a married couple.

What are the correct names for different wedding anniversaries?
What are the correct names for different wedding anniversaries?

The beginning of family life

The very first day of the family is a wedding, and the whole subsequent year after this event is called a green wedding. The symbolism of this name is a sign of youth, freshness and youthful purity of the newlyweds.

The 2 year anniversary of the wedding is called paper wedding. This name identifies family relationships with thin and torn paper. Three years of marriage are the very first significant date for a new family. This anniversary is called a leather wedding. There is an opinion that during this period the paper difficulties have already been overcome, and since the newlyweds have not ended the relationship, it means that they have learned to yield and adapt to each other. And the leather fabric is just a symbol of such flexibility.

When four years have passed since the wedding, the anniversary is called linen. There is another name for this date - wax.

The very first solid anniversary of the family - five years after the date of the wedding, has the name of a wooden wedding. A family with such experience is identified with a wooden house. This structure is solid, but it can still be threatened by fire (family quarrels). Planting a tree is a great sign for the spouses on this anniversary.

The 6 year wedding anniversary is the very first of the metal anniversaries and has the name of a cast iron wedding. The name is due to the fact that the relationship by this time is as strong as metal. But it is the most fragile of the metals, because cast iron can easily be damaged by strong impact.

The copper wedding is celebrated 7 years after the wedding. This metal is a symbol of family strength, wealth and beauty. The eighth anniversary is a tin wedding. It is believed that for this year of marriage, family relationships are undergoing renewal. This is what characterizes the new shining sheet.

A faience wedding is celebrated on the 9th year of family life. For this anniversary, you can give the family a tea set, as well as earthenware and crystal, while hinting that if handled roughly, fragile things can shatter.

When 10 years pass from the date of the wedding, the anniversary is called the pink (or pewter) wedding. This is the very first round anniversary of the family, which is celebrated solemnly with the invitation of all guests present at the conclusion of the marriage.

The 11th anniversary of the family is called the steel wedding - symbolizing the new decade of family life. An excellent gift would be stainless steel products (sets of pots or a tray).

The symbolism of 12 years of living together from the day of the wedding is nickel, indicating the need to refresh the relationship and add sparkle to it. The 13th wedding anniversary is called a lily of the valley wedding. The 14th anniversary is called an agate wedding. 15th anniversary - glass wedding, which testifies to the purity and transparency of the relationship of the spouses.

18th wedding anniversary - turquoise wedding. The 20th anniversary is porcelain; this year, the spouses are presented with cups, plates and various china sets. 21 years after the wedding is called the opal wedding.

22nd anniversary - bronze wedding, 23 years of marriage - beryl wedding, 24th anniversary is called satin. The 25th wedding anniversary is a silver wedding. This is the very first significant wedding anniversary.

26 years of family life is a jade wedding, 27 is a mahogany wedding, and the 29th anniversary is called a velvet wedding. The 30th year of married life together is called a pearl wedding, 31st anniversary is a dark-skinned wedding.

34 years from the date of the wedding has the name of an amber wedding, 35 years - a coral wedding.37 years of family life - muslin wedding, 38 years after the wedding - mercury wedding, 39 - crepe wedding.

The 40th year after the wedding is called the ruby ​​wedding, the 44th anniversary is the topaz wedding, the 45th wedding anniversary is called the sapphire wedding.

The 46th anniversary is the lavender wedding, the 47th is the cashmere wedding, the 48th is the amethyst wedding, and the 49th is the cedar wedding.

The golden mean of married life

50 years of married life is a golden wedding, 55th anniversary is an emerald wedding, and 60th wedding anniversary is called a diamond or platinum wedding. 65 years old - called an iron wedding. 70th anniversary is a blessed or grateful wedding.

75th anniversary of living together - a crown wedding. The symbol of this name symbolizes that joint family life is married. The 80th anniversary has the name of an oak wedding, where the oak is a symbol of longevity. The 100th anniversary of living together is a red wedding, such a wedding anniversary was celebrated only once in the family of the famous long-livers Agayevs, who gave this name to the wedding anniversary.

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