How To Use Telephone Databases

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How To Use Telephone Databases
How To Use Telephone Databases

Video: How To Use Telephone Databases

Video: How To Use Telephone Databases
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The need to find out the phone number, address of the organization or place of residence of a person arises quite often. Telephone databases can be of great help in finding such information. The ability to use them will allow you to quickly and easily find the information you need.

How to use telephone databases
How to use telephone databases


Step 1

Determine what information you need to find. Most often, it becomes necessary to determine the telephone number of a person by his name and surname. It should be borne in mind that the databases that exist in the public domain have information only about stationary devices. Operators of cellular networks do not provide information on mobile numbers. You can find in the databases only those numbers that their owners publish themselves. As a rule, these are the phones of various commercial organizations.

Step 2

One of the best telephone bases of organizations is the free reference book "2GIS". Go to the main page of the service - most likely, you will be immediately automatically transferred to the regional site. Download the guide to your computer or use it online. There is also a version for a mobile phone. To download the program, click on the link at the top left of the main page of the site. If you decide to use the online version, find the link "Online version" on the right side of the page and follow it.

Step 3

It is very easy to use the 2GIS service. Enter the information you have in the fields at the top of the search page - organization name, address, phone number, then click the "Find" button, and you will receive all the missing data.

Step 4

If you need to find the phone number of a specific person, the easiest way is to use the city information service, you can contact it by dialing 09 or 090 (for calls from cell phones). The number for calls to the help desk may differ for different operators of cellular networks.

Step 5

Use the reference. The list of databases presented in it is not too long, but on the available cities you can get quite reliable information. Select the required city from the list, enter the information you have in the search fields and click the "Find" button. The addresses and phone numbers that best match the entered data will be displayed.

Step 6

When trying to find the necessary database on the Internet, consider the presence of numerous scammers on the Internet. They will promise even information that cannot be obtained in reality. A typical sign of fraudulent sites is the requirement for prepayment or the need to send an SMS message. By sending money, you will not receive the data you need. An SMS message will also be paid, and the result will be zero. There are sites that first offer to enter a search query, simulate an intensive search, then report that the necessary information has been found and ask to pay for it. Determining that a site is fraudulent is very simple - enter any fictitious data, and you will also be informed that the required information is present in the database.

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