What Is Lulz

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What Is Lulz
What Is Lulz

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Lulz is a common Internet slang meme, implying something done solely for the sake of laughter, one of the derivatives of the acronym LOL (laughing out loud).

What is lulz
What is lulz

What are internet memes

Internet memes are defined phrases, expressions, abbreviations and neologisms that have become widespread in the Internet environment. As an example of such phrases, one can cite the expressions “Hello, bear!”, “Upyachka”, “IMHO”, demotivators, fotozhabs, “Guy Fawkes mask”, a symbol of the movement of anonymous, became a kind of graphic meme.

Over the years of the existence of Runet (the Russian-speaking Internet), a kind of slang has been formed, used in the blogosphere, when communicating online on forums, in chats, in various instant messengers (instant messaging systems such as ICQ). In addition, in recent years, there has been a tendency for many Internet memes and other elements of Internet slang to turn into live speech.

Various dictionaries devoted to Internet memes are currently appearing, some expressions are being transferred to ordinary dictionaries of the Russian language.

Among the Russian-language memes, two main directions can be distinguished. The first is the memes that came directly from the English-language segment of the Internet (or tracing copies from them), and the second is the actual Russian memes that appeared initially on the Russian Internet. Lulza belongs to the first category.

Lulz concept

Initially, a stable combination of LOL (or in Russian spelling - lol) appeared - according to various versions, from English laughing out loud ("laugh out loud"; "laugh out loud") or lots of laughs ("laugh a lot"). This term in networked online communication denotes laughter.

Later, other options appeared, derived from LOL - for example, lqtm (laughing quietly to myself - "I am quietly laughing with myself").

Lulz, or in the Russian spelling lulz, means something done solely for the sake of laughter, for one's own pleasure, some kind of joke, a joke, when the whole meaning of a perfect act is contained in the joy and laughter received. The New York Times defined Lulz as "the joy of disturbing someone's peace of mind."

The Russian-language wiki project "Lurkmorye" is almost entirely devoted to various lulz and other Internet memes.

An independent meme was the phrase I did it for the lulz - "I did it for the lulz", also - "All for the lulz". It is understood that everything that a person does is somehow done ultimately for his own pleasure. For example, numerous demotivators are signed with this phrase, illustrating at first glance inexplicable actions of people.

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