Why Odessa Is Called Mom, And Rostov Is Called Dad

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Why Odessa Is Called Mom, And Rostov Is Called Dad
Why Odessa Is Called Mom, And Rostov Is Called Dad

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Rostov-dad sends greetings to Odessa-mom! For more than a century, these two cities have been called that. They simultaneously became a cradle, a reliable abode and a haven for swindlers, crooks and swindlers. Much has changed in the life of these wonderful cities, but the names are firmly rooted to this day.

Odessa - mom, Rostov - dad
Odessa - mom, Rostov - dad

There are many versions about the unofficial names of Odessa and Rostov. But all of them are somehow connected with the past world of criminals.

About Odessa

In the late 19th century, Odessa was a duty-free zone and bustling shopping center in southern Russia. Therefore, it is not surprising that not only Russian merchants flooded Odessa. Musicians, artists, poets flooded here from many countries of the world. Odessa, like a mother, accepted everyone and created conditions for a long stay.

Where trade flourishes, there is grace for swindlers, crooks, pickpockets, repeat offenders, cheats and swindlers. All of them were attracted by easy money. But it had to be hidden somewhere. The safest way was to ship it to Rostov. It was the closest large city to Odessa.

About Rostov

Like Odessa, Rostov became a large commercial and industrial center in the south of Russia. Large and small swindlers also operated in markets and train stations. The criminal world flourished, the criminal saw the criminal from afar.

Everything acquired by thieves' scams in Odessa was forwarded to Rostov. There he, like his own fathers, was carefully hidden by authoritative thieves in law. Hence the name of the city Rostov-papa.

For crime, Rostov was as attractive a city as Odessa. In crowded places, pickpockets and petty crooks deftly wielded. There were many "guest performers" and blackmailers-extortionists. Their tricks and all sorts of tricks knew no bounds.

For representatives of the criminal world, there are numerous brothels near the Don River. Good conditions and favorable environment attracted crooks of all stripes to Rostov.

Another version

In terms of the criminal situation, Rostov and Odessa have always competed with each other. First, Rostov was the leader, then the roles changed.

After the largest bank robbery in Odessa, a gathering was organized in Rostov. It was decided to make a big robbery of the Central Market on it. A rumor spread around the market that one of its towers was falling from the church cathedral. Panic began, all trade was abandoned. Such a commotion was the right moment for the organizers of this unheard-of bandit riot.

There was a fashion for vagrancy in the underworld. Police officers, when they detained criminals without a passport and asked about their parents, they answered: “Mom is Odessa, and dad is Rostov”. Translated, this meant: "I have been wandering since childhood, I do not remember my parents."

Therefore, it is not for nothing that Rostov-on-Don and Odessa began to be called “mom” and “dad”. Although since 2009, this union has officially become legal. Now these are two sister cities.

"The gang will go on official visits" (just kidding)

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