What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding

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What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding
What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding

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A wedding is always a joy, tears of happiness, fun, as well as considerable expenses that fall directly on the shoulders of the bride and groom. It is impossible to say the average cost of a wedding at random - it can only be calculated: outfits for the bride and groom, a banquet, the services of a photographer, etc.

How much do you think a wedding should cost ?
How much do you think a wedding should cost ?

White dress, white veil … plus shoes, gloves and a tuxedo to boot

The cost of dressing up for the bride and groom is an obligatory part of the wedding expenses. This part, of course, is not the most expensive, but also far from the cheapest …

The price of a wedding dress can vary from 10,000 rubles (the simplest option, without a fluffy skirt; most likely, it can be called wedding only because of the white color) to several hundred thousand rubles (a wedding dress from a famous designer made of natural silk or lace created manually). The middle option is a dress that will look quite solemn, but without royal pomp, costing 15,000 - 60,000 rubles. Do not forget about shoes and accessories (veil, gloves, jewelry, garter and bridal bouquet) - plus 5,000 - 8,000 rubles. Many brides also use the services of makeup artists and hairdressers: hairstyle and makeup together will cost 2,000 - 4,000 rubles.

As for the groom, his wedding dress is usually limited to a tuxedo, the average price of which varies between 5,000 - 15,000 rubles, to which you can also add the cost of a hairdresser's service - 300 - 700 rubles.

Do you agree…

Registry office - here, too, you will have to "spend a little". Namely: 200 rubles in the form of a state duty for registering a marriage and about 500 rubles for a cover for a marriage certificate (you can buy it in advance at any stationery store for 100-200 rubles).

Registration of marriage in the registry office usually continues with a banquet in a restaurant. This part of the celebration is both the longest and the most memorable, and, on top of that, the most expensive. A banquet in a restaurant for 20-30 persons will cost 30,000 - 50,000 rubles. The order of the wedding cake takes place separately: confectionery shops specializing in the preparation of cakes for various celebrations will prepare you a beautiful wedding cake with figures of the bride and groom for 1,500-4,000 rubles. Do not forget that the host or host must be present at the banquet. In order for it to entertain you and your guests for 5-6 hours, you will have to add another 5,000-15,000 rubles to the “wedding price”.

Small organizational points

So that wedding moments can not only be remembered, but also sometimes viewed, there are wedding photo and video services. Both services have an average price of 1000 rubles / hour, plus the design of the album and the film, which together will cost about 8,000 rubles more.

Recently, the tendency is to rent a wedding limousine: one hour of travel will cost from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles (depending on the model and rental time).

Invitations, car and room decoration and other small decorations, as well as fireworks - all this will give the event a sense of a real celebration, and will also add about 20,000 rubles to the wedding budget.

As a result, the average cost of a wedding is equal to 100,000 - 180,000 rubles.

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