How To Prevent Apartment Robbery

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How To Prevent Apartment Robbery
How To Prevent Apartment Robbery

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What to do if a stranger called at the door: a plumber, a housing office worker, a policeman. How to behave if you come home and the door is open. Basic rules to help you avoid being robbed and not endanger your life.

Robbers work seven days a week
Robbers work seven days a week

According to police statistics presented on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, almost every fourth theft is associated with illegal entry into the premises. In most cases, the owners themselves "helped" the criminals to commit theft or robbery. They were imprudent, and the criminals simply took advantage of the situation. It is impossible to foresee everything, but you can try to think over your behavior in advance in the event of one of the typical situations.

Unknown guest

In order to get into someone else's apartment, criminals go through various tricks. They introduce themselves as plumbers and distant relatives, ask to let the child swaddle, talk about the gifts you won. To avoid becoming a victim of robbery, be vigilant: never open the door, even in the slightest doubt.

A representative of any organization must have an identity card with him. Verifying your identity through a chain-locked door takes a few seconds and saves you a lot of trouble. If a representative of the PRUE or ZhEK comes at an inopportune time, tell through the door that you will now call back his office. Most likely, after such a warning, the fake locksmith or plumber will disappear.

The police are knocking on the door

Since Soviet times, we have had a stereotype: to open immediately if the police knock on the door. And if the young city dwellers got rid of this complex long ago, then the elderly and the inhabitants of the province are still shy at the sound of the commanding voice. Lawyers argue that police officers can enter the house if there is a court order, if there are signs of an offense, if there is a suspicion that a wanted person is hiding in your apartment.

A police officer must present a sanction, an identity card, and, at your request, introduce himself orally and indicate his office phone number. Do not be lazy to call back to the department and find out if this policeman works for them. This simple maneuver can not only prevent robbery, but also save lives.

You come home and the door is open

If you return home and see an open door, then you have already been robbed or robbed. Do not rush to enter: if the perpetrator is still in the apartment, then you can endanger your life. In any case, even if the robbery has already taken place, you will not be able to prevent it, but only spoil the picture of the crime for the police.

Quietly go to the neighbors, call the police and carefully observe through the peephole what is happening on the landing. If there are no neighbors at home, go up one flight of stairs, call the police from your mobile and monitor the situation from there. When the offender comes out, look out the window and try to remember the make and number of his car.

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