What To Do With A Wedding Dress

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What To Do With A Wedding Dress
What To Do With A Wedding Dress

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A wedding is one of the most beautiful and solemn ceremonies that take place in a church. It is with the wedding that a lot of signs, superstitions and questions are associated. Those who want to marry before God are interested in what to do with the candles left after the sacrament, what rings the young people should have. One of their questions concerns the dress. After all, not every bride knows what to do with him after the ceremony.

What to do with a wedding dress
What to do with a wedding dress


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Choose a wedding dress that is simple and not too embroidered with stones or sequins. In this case, you can easily use it in daily wear. Moreover, for a church sacrament one should not buy a dress that is too bright, magnificent and pretentious. After all, this is not a wedding in the literal sense of the word, but a ceremony that shows the purity of the souls of the young and their desire to unite their souls before the Higher Power. In this case, you can even go to work in a dress. As a last resort, you can buy a modest but smart attire and leave it to go out.

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You can keep your wedding dress for your daughter or granddaughter. Give it to her as a keepsake - it will become your symbol of the continuity of generations. In addition, such things allow you to teach by example how to take care of the relationship, how to choose the only partner who will become a companion for life.

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Most often, the wedding dress is simply kept together with the remaining attributes after the wedding - candles, icons, etc. It can be neatly rolled up and placed in a specific corner or shelf in your closet. Sometimes it is so nice to get hold of an outfit and remember everything in the smallest detail.

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When deciding what to do with a wedding dress, you should take into account the fact that such an outfit cannot be sold, rented, given, etc. After all, it is part of an important rite and becomes an integral symbol of your strong marriage, therefore it must remain in the family.

Step 5

It should be borne in mind that a wedding dress is not recommended to be thrown away, torn into rags, etc. Alternatively, if it is already outdated and out of fashion, you can conjure it up - shorten or extend the skirt, add lace or other decorative elements, embroider with stones or sequins, and make embroidery. All this will allow you to breathe new life into it, make it fresh and relevant.

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