How To Find Treasure

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How To Find Treasure
How To Find Treasure

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Finding treasures is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. Young and not so young people arm themselves with metal detectors and shovels, go on weekends to abandoned villages, but most often they find bottle caps or scrap metal. How to find a real treasure, with coins and jewelry?

How to find the treasure
How to find the treasure


  • - map;
  • - information about the treasure;
  • - good equipment.


Step 1

Start your treasure hunt by processing documents, spend at least a few days in archives and libraries. Find out where wealthy merchants, nobles, wealthy peasants lived before the revolution. In those dark times, many people made hiding places in order to preserve wealth until better times.

Step 2

Pay attention to any legends told by old people, even if they look more like a fairy tale. There are often cases when they turned out to be true. You can go to one of the ancient villages where people still live, talk with old people, ask them about local rituals and legends. Record all conversations on a dictaphone, note interesting moments in a notebook.

Step 3

If you live near major navigable rivers or seas, look for port books and trade records. Perhaps one of the ships loaded with goods left the port, but went to the bottom due to a storm or breakdown. You have every chance of finding this ship, if it does not sink deeper than divers can handle.

Step 4

Work in military archives, find places of major battles and battles. You will not find pots of gold here, but ancient weapons, coins, buttons, personal items are quite possible. If you find the remains of soldiers, be sure to notify your local Prospecting Union office.

Step 5

Once you go to a suitable location, such as a former village or the former residence of wealthy people, take a look around. Pay special attention to the ruins of the house and other structures. With the help of a metal detector, not only walk through the buildings themselves, but also "ring up" everything around.

Step 6

Look for abandoned wells; treasures were hidden in them especially often. Keep in mind that getting into an old well is very life-threatening, especially if it is made of wood. It can collapse, and you will be covered with earth alive. If you decide to take the risk, take reliable friends with you, and put on a helmet and diving equipment yourself with a supply of air.

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