How To Build A Telephone Conversation

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How To Build A Telephone Conversation
How To Build A Telephone Conversation

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Phone calls have already become a part of the lives of a huge number of people, especially those associated with the sales field. To properly build a conversation that will help achieve the expected effect of negotiations, you need to take into account some nuances.

How to build a telephone conversation
How to build a telephone conversation

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Step 1

Set a specific goal for yourself. Before making a call, you must determine what exactly you want to receive as a result. Without a clearly set goal, the call will be meaningless, which means that it will not only lead to nothing, but it will also take time. Both yours and your interlocutor.

Step 2

Don't start a conversation with denial. One of the most common mistakes when planning a conversation is to start it with the questions: “Will I disturb you?”, “Am I distracting you?”, Etc. On the one hand, of course, these phrases indicate that you do not want to distract a person from his affairs. On the other hand, you are not expecting a positive answer. In addition, such a beginning of a telephone conversation sets up a negative mood. The reason for this is human psychology and his attitude to the negative particle "not".

Step 3

Establish contact with the interlocutor. After the person on the other end of the line picks up the phone, introduce yourself. Provide the purpose of your call. If your interlocutor is uncomfortable talking, then ask him when it is best for you to call back. This will make him feel that you are not indifferent to him.

Step 4

Call the other person by name. Psychologists have long found out that nothing disposes a person to a conversation like the sound of his own name. Conversely, if you want to ruin your relationship with a person, call him a different name several times or miss the pronunciation of his name. Before making a call, clarify how the name of your interlocutor is pronounced correctly.

Step 5

Tell us about your proposal. After contact is established and the person on the other end of the line is ready to talk to you, let them know about your proposal. Describe the benefits of your proposal specifically for this person. If the interlocutor says that your proposal is not of interest to him, then you should not immediately retreat. Try to demonstrate to the customer the value of your product, service, or agreement.

Step 6

Give the other person time to think. Do not put pressure on your opponent and do not rush him with a decision, this can only cause a negative reaction. If you did everything correctly, then the answer will not be long in coming.

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