How To Read To Remember What You Read

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How To Read To Remember What You Read
How To Read To Remember What You Read

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Sight reading and memorization is an important skill that can be useful in education and professional activities. The ability to read so that what you read is instantly remembered saves a lot of time. This is especially useful for higher education, when the workload increases significantly during the period of the session. This skill will allow you to focus on the content without being distracted by the process itself.

How to read to remember what you read
How to read to remember what you read


Step 1

Get to know the book you want to remember. Sometimes, reading a book from cover to cover does not make sense (unless, of course, it is a work of fiction). To memorize important facts from a book, flip through it, read the headings, look for keywords and ideas with your eyes, and, if possible, write down a few phrases in a notebook to refresh your mind on the information you need. This method is suitable when studying lectures or any other material before the exam. After the preliminary acquaintance, set aside the book for 30 minutes to let the information settle in your head. Then you can delve into reading the chapters you want.

Step 2

Read in a quiet and peaceful place. Make sure you can immerse yourself in reading for at least 20-30 minutes without interruption. Sit upright, with your feet flat on the floor and the book at a 45-degree angle to you, using the book supply.

Step 3

Learn to read several lines of text at a time. This can be achieved with a little practice. Our brain has the ability to understand text when reading both forward and backward, and even diagonally. Reading several lines at a time, you perceive the text in blocks, and therefore then visually easily recall the blocks if necessary.

Step 4

Realize what you just learned immediately after reading it. Take a few minutes to do this, and even write down everything you can remember. The process of vocalizing or writing the information you just read helps your brain to capture the knowledge you have learned. In addition, this will once again confirm the fact that you managed to remember the material and keep it in your head.

Step 5

Create hooks for important points of what you read so that you can easily remember them. One proven way to remember what you read faster is to create a series of associations or clues to which you can hang your memories. Any clue in the future will pull the block of necessary knowledge out of your head. For example, you can create a list of ten items and associate each item with a specific item in your room. Visualizing these items creates a sequence of information in your head regarding these items. This is a creative approach to memorization, but very powerful. The mind tends to remember things in pictures that are more vivid in our memory.

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