How To Remember Events

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How To Remember Events
How To Remember Events

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Memory is one of the most mysterious properties of the human brain. Numerous studies conducted around the world shed little light on the functioning and laws of memory. Nevertheless, there are many technologies for memory management, for example, the ability to remember certain events.

How to remember events
How to remember events


the help of a psychotherapist


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Regardless of when the event happened, associations and all sorts of details of the situation will help to remember all its details. The ideal option is to return to the place where the event took place. When you see objects, houses that surrounded you at that moment, memory resources are activated and you will remember some of the details. However, associations can be obtained without moving in space. Music, smells, voices, phrases, photographs - all this will help to revive memories. Moreover, the picture of the event can appear quite clearly if some association turns out to be very bright. For example, you will hear the music that was played during your slow dance with your loved one, and instantly remember all the forgotten details of the relationship.

Step 2

If an event happened quite recently, and you no longer remember it, use the so-called "tangle method". It's especially effective if you've lost a thing or missed out on details of a recent conversation. Sit in a calm, quiet environment, free of all potential irritants. Relax and return your thoughts to the moment when you last saw the thing. "Unwinding the ball", reproduce sequentially the entire chain of further events. So you can understand at what point you missed the most important thing. You can use this method in reverse order, moving from the present moment to the past.

Step 3

Events of the long past that are important to you today can be remembered with the help of hypnosis. Our memory has the amazing property of blocking negative memories. This is especially true for the events of early childhood. However, they can be extremely important. For example, at an early age, you may have suffered some kind of trauma that influenced your adult life and the formation of a number of complexes. An experienced therapist will help you go back to those times and relive the past. So you will surely get answers to all your questions.

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