How To Arrange A Lottery

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How To Arrange A Lottery
How To Arrange A Lottery

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A party or event organized for guests or family members will be much more fun if you arrange a lottery. Of course, you will have to take care of everything in advance, and in many ways the success of this venture will depend on you.

How to arrange a lottery
How to arrange a lottery

It is necessary

  • - prizes;
  • - tickets for each participant;
  • - elements to be played;
  • - containers for tickets and prizes;
  • - wishes for each prize;
  • - predictions.


Step 1

Think over the prizes for your lottery and the drawing system. If you are organizing a lottery for a large adult audience, prepare 1-3 large prizes and some consolation ones. To conduct the drawing, distribute numbered tickets to all participants. Tickets can be printed on a printer, made by hand, or you can buy blanks in a gift shop (you just need to enter the numbers or names of the participants in such blanks).

Step 2

Place the second parts of tickets or other small items with numbers (for example, kegs from Lotto) in a jar, box or other container and solemnly pull out the winning tickets in the presence of all participants. There will be less grievances and complaints if a small child or a beautiful girl is involved in this. Solemnly announce the winners and present the prizes.

Step 3

For children, organize a win-win lottery with small prizes of approximately the same value (for a child). Keep in mind that if at least one child is left without a prize, tears are likely to be inevitable, so prepare a couple of spare gifts just in case. To create a festive atmosphere, hand each prize with a little rhyme, for example, "You draw from the heart, you need markers" or "Consider yourself lucky, here's a magnet for you."

Step 4

The same win-win lottery can be organized for a small adult company, in which jokes and humor are acceptable. For each prize, prepare a small comic greeting, for example: “Who is so joyful there? A thermometer for your memory "or" Evil lottery fate, only you have been given a clothespin ", etc. At the same time, gifts can be handed out by name, that is, for everyone, an individual prize can be prepared or they can be taken out of the box or bag at random (on New Year's Eve it can be a bag of Santa Claus).

Step 5

For New Year's or Christmas, you can arrange a lottery with predictions, for this write or print predictions (benevolent or comic) on small identical pieces of paper, cut, fold several times so as to hide the text. Pick up a beautiful container for tickets, it is good if it contains the symbols of the New Year (for example, a drawn dragon in the Year of the Dragon or Christmastide pictures). Put all the tickets in a container and invite everyone to get "their destiny". A child or a trained animal (for example, a parrot) can also get predictions.

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