Who Is The Snowman To Santa Claus

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Who Is The Snowman To Santa Claus
Who Is The Snowman To Santa Claus

Snowman and Santa Claus. These fabulous heroes are symbols of the New Year and winter. Each of them has its own original history and features. The question of the possibility of consanguinity of these characters worries not only children, but also adults.

Who is the Snowman to Santa Claus
Who is the Snowman to Santa Claus


Snowmen were molded back in Ancient Russia, already from pagan times. They were personified with the spirits of winter. They were treated with due respect and asked for help and to reduce the duration of the severe winter frosts.

Santa Claus

As for Santa Claus, he appeared relatively recently. Among the pagan Slavs, Santa Claus was the divine master of the winter cold, snow and wind, frozen rivers and snowdrifts. In Russia, as a character, he appeared in the distant 1840th year. The writer and prince Vladimir Odoevsky wrote a story called "Moroz Ivanovich". It was a literary adaptation of the previously known fairy tale "Morozko". Our Russian Santa Claus is the personification of Russian frosts.

Thus, the snowman appeared long before Santa Claus. There are many Russian fairy tales that feature Santa Claus and a snowman. In one of them, the snowman is an assistant to Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. In this tale, Frost himself made a snowman and revived him. In another tale, snowmen exist on their own. Nobody sculpted them, did not create them, they existed on their own.

On various forums and websites, jokers write that the snowman was a nephew, grandson or even son-in-law of Santa Claus. But at the same time they do not prove this in any way. These are just guesses and guesses. It is also impossible to find a single fairy tale on the Internet where a snowman is a nephew, and even more so a son-in-law or grandson of the well-known Santa Claus.

Moreover, there is no relationship between the snowman and the Snow Maiden. Although this person, according to Russian folklore, is the granddaughter of Santa Claus … According to legends, Santa Claus blinded his granddaughter from snow and turned into a man.

Snowman and Santa Claus

Going deeper into the history and beliefs of the Russian peoples, we can only say that the snowman and Santa Claus are connected by one thing - they were both symbols of winter and cold. Likewise, in Russian folklore there are no facts indicating their family ties. After clarifying all these facts, we can come to the conclusion that the snowman and Santa Claus are not connected by any blood relationship. These are two completely different characters, like the Serpent Gorynych and Koschey the Immortal.

Therefore, only high feelings can connect them. For example, such as friendship. However, Santa Claus is already a man of age, and the snowman is quite young, as everyone thinks. Therefore, it would be better to call the snowman an assistant to Santa Claus. After all, it is impossible to deny the fact of friendship between them.

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