Great Russian Generals

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Great Russian Generals
Great Russian Generals

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Defending its own independence and national interests, Russia has repeatedly taken part in wars throughout its history. In battles with enemies, Russian soldiers showed determination and courage. And the talented commanders, who skillfully led the actions of the troops, inspired them to military exploits and victories.

Portrait of A.V. Suvorov
Portrait of A.V. Suvorov


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One of the first generals, whose name is associated with the victories of Russian weapons over foreign invaders, was Prince Alexander Nevsky. Glory was brought to him by the battles on Lake Peipsi and the Battle of the Neva. At the head of a strong squad, the Russian prince defeated the troops of the German knights, who were trying to seize the primordially Russian lands in the north-west of the country. The image of Alexander Nevsky has become a symbol of national unity in the face of an external threat.

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Another prominent military figure who glorified Russian weapons in battles with the Mongol-Tatar army was Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, nicknamed Dmitry Donskoy for his victory on the Kulikovo field. He was one of the first to set himself the goal of freeing the Russian land from foreign domination. Dmitry Donskoy proved himself to be a talented commander and a skillful statesman.

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During the reign of Catherine II, Count Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov was considered an indisputable authority in military affairs. Military historians agree that the glorious Russian generalissimo was able to fully demonstrate his military leadership talents. For all the time during which Suvorov commanded the Russian troops, he did not lose a single battle. And all the battles were won by him with a numerical superiority on the part of the enemy.

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The traditions of Suvorov in the Russian army were continued by Count Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov. He commanded the country's troops during the French invasion in 1812. The talented leadership of Field Marshal Kutuzov allowed the Russian regiments to gain a number of important strategic victories over the enemy. The military operations ended in a crushing defeat of the French army, which had been considered invincible before.

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During the First World War, Aleksey Alekseevich Brusilov showed himself to be a talented commander. It is this cavalry general who is remembered today when they talk about the successes of the tsarist army in the battles with German troops. The name of one of the most successful military operations of that period is characteristic: it was called the "Brusilov Breakthrough". It is interesting that this great commander did not even have a higher military education.

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The successes of Soviet military science are always associated with the name of Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov. This commander was one of those commanders who, with their military labor and talented leadership of the troops, forged the victory of the Soviet army over the fascist invaders. Marshal Zhukov was awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union four times. He is rightfully considered the creator of the victory over Germany.

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