How To Pinch A Kalanchoe

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How To Pinch A Kalanchoe
How To Pinch A Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is one of the most popular indoor plants. There are several types of it in apartments. Kalanchoe is not only an exquisite interior decoration, but also an excellent medicine. The juice from its fleshy leaves is able to relieve a cold, heals abscesses and inflammations, and one of its types even received the popular name "surgeon". Kalanchoe grows very quickly and does not always look the way the owners would like it. The crown must be formed.

How to pinch a Kalanchoe
How to pinch a Kalanchoe


  • - Kalanchoe;
  • - charcoal.


Step 1

Watch the plant. Kalanchoe, standing on a light window, can grow very strongly even in a jar of water. Rapid growth is characteristic of almost all species of this plant. However, on overgrown upper shoots, the leaves become smaller and smaller, and the shoots themselves look thin and not particularly beautiful. At the same time, plants that are strongly elongated in height often do not have enough strength to bloom, although in fact, almost all varieties of Kalanchoe bloom in apartments very willingly. Having noticed such manifestations, tune in to the fact that you will have to pinch off excess shoots. Do not be afraid of this moment, such an operation will benefit the flower.

Step 2

Do not touch the flower while the crown is thick and the leaves are large and beautiful. As soon as a thin, non-viable tip forms, remove it. Kalanchoe perfectly tolerates such operations, the plant does not even need to be specially prepared for this. Its stem is soft enough, so just tear off the top with your fingernails. The sores are usually not formed. If it does appear (and this happens when the stem is already thick enough, sprinkle it with charcoal or ash. There is enough ash from a small burnt sheet of paper. After pinching, a couple of side shoots appear very quickly.

Step 3

Let the shoots grow freely at first. It may very well be that no more operations are required, and the Kalanchoe itself will retain its compact shape. However, this is not always the case. New shoots can grow well at first and produce excellent fleshy leaves, but at some point become thin and ugly again. When you notice this, pinch the plant again. Do it in the same way as with the first shoot.

Step 4

Pinch the Kalanchoe even if the flowering species does not bud for a long time. The pinching time depends on the specific conditions. But usually the flower standing on the south window is pinched until the end of November. If he lives on the west or east window, then this can be done at any time. On the northern side, the Kalanchoe does not like to grow and may not bloom at all.

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