How To Write Thank You Notes

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How To Write Thank You Notes
How To Write Thank You Notes
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Letters of thanks are written to express gratitude for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation, for fulfilling any request and for holding an event. In each case, certain turns of speech are used, depending on the situation, it is permissible to deviate from the official tone.

How to write thank you letters
How to write thank you letters


Step 1

The letter of thanks is printed on the official letterhead of the organization, and always consists of the following parts. First, each such letter contains information about the person or company to which the gratitude is being expressed. After the appeal, the letter describes what exactly the gratitude is being given. The text can range from a few words to a page of typewritten text. At the end of the letter, the signature of the person giving thanks and the seal of the organization must be put.

Step 2

In a letter of gratitude for cooperation, you use such phrases as “We highly appreciate the joint work with your company”, “On behalf of our company, I thank the team of the“Name”organization for mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership”, “We thank you for the competence and professionalism of your employees”. It is possible to single out special services to your company from specific employees of the partner organization. Please note in the letter that the services provided by this company are always of the highest quality, timely, and the staff are attentive and helpful.

Step 3

written in a more free form on behalf of the head of the company or the head of the personnel department. In such a letter, use the phrases "I am really glad I hired you", "I wanted to thank you for a job well done", "I am very glad to see you as part of our team." Note in the letter the professional qualities of the employee, his ability to make difficult decisions and efficiently perform the duties assigned to him.

Step 4

Thank you letters are also written to teachers and professors. In them, on behalf of the company or the university, gratitude is expressed for the training of young specialists, the organization of the practice of students of the institute or for assistance in holding an Olympiad or scientific conference. Note that thanks to this teacher, students and pupils demonstrate a high level of knowledge, participate in many important projects.

Step 5

In order to express gratitude for the holding of the exhibition, concert, trip and other similar events, letters of thanks are also written. They reflect how important and timely the organization was. Note that the preparation was flawless and impressed the participants.

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