Are Disposable Tableware Harmful

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Are Disposable Tableware Harmful
Are Disposable Tableware Harmful

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of whether disposable tableware is harmless. It all depends on what materials it was made of, and whether the rules for its operation were followed.

Plastic cutlery is far less questionable than plates and cups
Plastic cutlery is far less questionable than plates and cups

Terms of use

High-quality disposable tableware is safe for humans, therefore, when purchasing plastic plates and forks, look for a quality mark on the packaging, compliance with standards. It is better to buy dishes from friends who are trusted by manufacturers - this way you can be sure that the goods were not made in an underground workshop. The label of a law-abiding company will indicate the code, the name of the material, the field of application of the product (for cold, hot dishes, liquids, etc.).

Disposable tableware is made from polymers that have proven to be non-toxic in the course of laboratory research. Some people mistrust this statement, but we can say with confidence: it is safe to eat non-hot food (salads, fruits, nuts) from these plates, because it has been in contact with polymers for a very short time.

But you cannot use the same plastic container for a long time. High temperature, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and oxygen contribute to the "aging" of plastic, and over time, it begins to release harmful substances that get into foods and liquids. So don't pour the drinks into your soda bottle over and over again.

Hot food is also not recommended to be eaten from disposable plates: thermal exposure causes most types of plastic dishes to melt, and this process is already toxic. Also, you should not reheat food in disposable dishes in the microwave, although some types of materials allow you to do this.

Attention to materials

Plastic cups are a separate topic, so take a close look at the labeling on them. PS or ABS stands for polystyrene - hot drinks cannot be poured into such dishes (harmful styrene starts to be released), but cold ones can. PVC or PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride - any drinks cannot be stored in glasses made of this substance for a long time. PP is polypropylene, you cannot drink vodka from it - it turns into a chemical solution. In general, we can say that it is better not to drink sour juices, soda, hot and alcoholic drinks from plastic cups - this is unsafe for health.

Plastic dishes containing melamine, asbestos, or decorated with brightly colored designs (using heavy metals) are definitely hazardous to health. The safest dishes are made of styrene and acrylic. However, in order to avoid the risk, the use of plastic disposable tableware is recommended to be kept to a minimum.

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