How Not To Leak During Menstruation

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How Not To Leak During Menstruation
How Not To Leak During Menstruation

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The “red days of the calendar”, although they are a completely natural element of the life of the female body, cause a lot of trouble: from feeling unwell and sudden changes in mood to the risk of staining your favorite clothes.

How not to leak during menstruation
How not to leak during menstruation

The menstrual cycle is different for all women. Its duration, the sensations associated with it, and the amount of discharge differ. But life does not stand still, and it is quite natural that even during such periods one wants to live life to the fullest, minimizing discomfort as much as possible.

Suitable Personal Care Products

Depending on the characteristics of your body and the amount of discharge during your period, you should choose a convenient suitable pads or tampons. It is better to give preference to thin and flexible pads, on the basis that turns the absorbed liquid into a gel, and always with "wings". Pay attention to the coating: it should allow secretions to pass into the pad, and not let them get back. It also makes sense to choose tampons with a special coating: it provides good protection and does not cause irritation.

It is unwise to save on personal hygiene products: the products of well-known, well-proven companies are more expensive, but their quality is also appropriate. During your period, you should be able to check or replace your pad (or tampon) about every three hours. Depending on the individual characteristics, this time may be more or less. If you are planning a busy day, and the chance to retire is not guaranteed, it does not hurt to use a pad in combination with a tampon. This gives a very good level of protection and almost completely eliminates "leakage", but when the opportunity presents itself, the tampon must be replaced.

Physiological methods of protection

It is important to remember that especially a lot of discharge occurs when you get up after sitting for a long time. For the same period of time in a standing position, the risk of leakage is less than if you constantly sit down. You should also not engage in gymnastic squats, especially with a wide stance. In order not to intensify the discharge, during this period it is advisable to wash in slightly warm water, avoiding a hot shower and, moreover, a bath. Physical activity, if the condition permits, is not contraindicated, but it is excluded from them, except for squats, jumping and twisting.

To protect yourself from unexpected leaks, if your period is not too stable and may start a day or two earlier, 4-5 days before the expected start of the cycle, start wearing "daily". And always keep a good pad or tampon with you just in case.

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