What Is A Mandala

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What Is A Mandala
What Is A Mandala

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At first glance, a mandala may seem like a beautiful, incomprehensible picture. However, the creators usually put special meaning and symbolism into it, and from a religious point of view, the mandala is a sacred object.

What is a mandala
What is a mandala


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Translated from Sanskrit, the word mandala means "circle, center, unity." In Hindu and Buddhist religious practices, it is a sacred schematic construction or image. A completed mandala is considered a source of spirituality and strength, concentrating on which you can touch the divine and know your true self.

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The mandala is associated with special symbolism, in itself it is a geometric symbol with a complex structure, which, as it were, represents a model of the universe. Usually a square is inscribed in the outer circle, and in it is an inner circle in the form of a lotus or in the form of segments. The outer circle symbolizes the Universe, the square - orientation to the cardinal points, and the inner circle - the dimension of deities, Buddhas, bodhisattvas ("beings with awakened consciousness", those who refused to stop incarnating in order to save all living beings). Also, the mandala is a symbol of the wheel of life and death, the changing seasons, galactic cycles and cosmic processes of existence. It reminds a person of the connection with infinity.

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Mantras are depicted on a plane (two-dimensional) or embossed, three-dimensional. They can be created from a wide variety of materials. So, they are drawn on sand, paper, laid out from colored powders, embroidered on fabric, woven from threads, made of wood, stone or metal. In the East, mandalas can be seen on the walls, ceilings and floors of temples. They are often objects of worship because they are considered sacred.

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Mandala creation can be a meditative and healing process. When a mandala is used as a symbol for meditation, when focusing on its elements and patterns, the mind is tuned, contributing to the realization of any truths or the discovery of a person's abilities. In Tibet, since ancient times, monks have been creating complex mandalas of colored sand and crushed gems to develop focus and self-improvement. Mandala creation takes place according to certain rules. It can also be part of a religious initiation ritual, after which the mandala is subject to destruction.

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In the modern world, the mandala is widely used in psychotherapy. Mandala therapy is gaining popularity. It is believed that the geometric shapes present in the mandala are important symbols for the human unconscious and are universal for all peoples. So, the circle can symbolize the round Earth, the cycle of day and night, movement, infinity, birth into the world. Carl Gustav Jung is considered one of the founders of mandala therapy.

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