How To Wash Apples

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How To Wash Apples
How To Wash Apples
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Doctors advise today to thoroughly wash any fruits, especially apples, which are in the highest demand among our population. What is the correct way to wash apples? There are several basic rules for this.

How to wash apples
How to wash apples


Step 1

When apples are soiled with earth, they should be poured with water slightly salted or slightly acidified with vinegar for 20 minutes. Then, with a brush under running water, the apples must be rinsed from the solution in which they were located. This way of processing apples is a seasonal fruit that grows in the area where you live. To those that you yourself have grown in your summer cottage or purchased from amateur gardeners in the market.

Step 2

If the apples were bought in a store, supermarket, the processing method above is suitable in the market. Or another option is washing the apples with a brush and laundry soap (you can use it for babies) under running running warm water.

Step 3

Rinse apples with a clear waxy sheen with water. Then peel all the skin off them completely. The wax used to process apples helps to preserve the harvest, but it is inedible and should not be eaten.

Step 4

For washing apples and other fruits, there are special detergents based on active substances and harmless surfactants. Such products are suitable for peeling fruits not only for adults, but also for children's meals. It is believed that such products are good at removing not only dirt, harmful substances from the peel of the fruit, but also the wax with which the fruit is treated before selling.

Step 5

The method of scalding fruit is suitable for baby food, for people with a weakened body, for those who suffer from various types of allergies. In this case, carefully washed fruits (with a brush, soap) are put in a colander and poured with boiling water from the kettle.

Step 6

In all the above-mentioned cases of fruit processing, they are laid out on a clean, dry linen (waffle) napkin, allowing water to drain from them. You can wipe the washed apples with disposable paper towels and eat them further.

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