How To Remove Coffee Stains

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How To Remove Coffee Stains
How To Remove Coffee Stains

Millions of people start their mornings every day with a cup of coffee. The caffeine contained in the drink helps to wake up, tune in to the work ahead. It happens that invigorating liquid accidentally spills onto a tablecloth or clothing, forming ugly brown spots. But do not be upset, these stains can be easily removed with the help of improvised means.

How to remove coffee stains
How to remove coffee stains


  • - Mineral sparkling water;
  • - cold milk;
  • - baking powder;
  • - glycerin;
  • - salt.


Step 1

When starting to remove a coffee stain, find out first if it was cappuccino or regular black. In the second case, it will be quite enough to pour some carbonated unsweetened water on the contaminated place and blot it with a napkin or swab. Do not wipe off the water at all, this will only rub the stain and make it even bigger. If after removal there are still brown traces, repeat the rinsing 2-3 more times with an interval of several minutes, this will definitely help.

Step 2

You can try rinsing out a fresh coffee stain under running water. To enhance the effect, you can rinse the dirt in cold milk, then wash the thing in the usual way.

Step 3

A dried spot will require more involvement on your part. Cover it with baking powder, rub the powder into the stain with a damp sponge, then send the garment or tablecloth to the washing machine. If you are not sure whether a brightly colored thing will survive such treatment, first conduct an experiment on an inconspicuous area and only then proceed to treat the stains.

Step 4

Old stains can also be removed well with glycerin. This method is especially suitable for sewing very delicate fabrics. Wash the item in cold water, apply a little glycerin to the stain, leave for a short time to act, rinse under running warm water.

Step 5

Sometimes coffee is spilled on the carpet and the task becomes much more difficult. Rare carpet will fit in a washing machine, and even the smallest of them is unlikely to be washed in the usual way. In this case, you will be required to react quickly. Fill the fresh stain immediately with plenty of table salt and let it dry slightly. Use a stiff brush to remove any salt that has absorbed the coffee from the lint.

Step 6

Pour a small amount of vodka on the stain already absorbed into the carpet, blot with absorbent napkins or towels. Alcohol will dissolve the coffee and the dyes it contains, you just have to thoroughly dry the carpet pile.

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