How To Make A Quality Rewriting

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How To Make A Quality Rewriting
How To Make A Quality Rewriting
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Rewrite translated from English means "rewrite". To create a high-quality rewriting means to remake an existing text so that it becomes unique without distorting the meaning.

How to make a quality rewriting
How to make a quality rewriting


Step 1

To make a high-quality rewriting, you do not need to write a new text from scratch. As a rule, you already have the source material for the work. Before you get down to business, carefully read the text, in order to avoid misunderstandings, find out the meaning of unknown words. For example, calcium chloride and calcium chloride are different things. Highlight a few key phrases or terms that should remain the same as you work.

Step 2

Rewrite the text only in your own words. Partial rephrasing of some thoughts speaks about the loss of quality, which means the uselessness of your work. Do not use online services of automatic text uniqueization as an assistant. In most cases, you will get a rewrite, glued together from quite adequate phrases, but devoid of meaning in general. To create a popular text, real professionals pass the material through themselves, and not through the program.

Step 3

Play with syntactic constructs. Break complex sentences into simpler ones and vice versa. Use synonyms actively, but be careful, as excessive use of them leads to rephrasing. Do not oversaturate the material with additional words - this can lead to distortion of meaning or "water". Of course, it is impossible to qualitatively rewrite the material without the use of additional words, but their number should not overload the text.

Step 4

Reread the rewrite you created. It should be logical and adequate, as well as comprehensible and literate. Try to ensure that the volume of the resulting text does not go far away from the original. Copy the received work to the service for checking the uniqueness of the texts and make sure how well you coped with the case. Strive for 95-100% results. Experienced copywriters recommend using 2-3 services for this purpose.

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