Is It Harmful To Heat The Room Including The Oven

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Is It Harmful To Heat The Room Including The Oven
Is It Harmful To Heat The Room Including The Oven
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Whether or not to heat a room with a conventional oven - this question regularly appears in various forums dedicated to home economics. This is due to the fact that the heating season does not always start in accordance with the weather, and many houses are simply not adapted for living in cold conditions (damp, moldy with thin walls). Many folk craftsmen prefer to open the oven door at such moments, turn on the fire at full power, and so warm the room and kitchen. Experts, however, assure: it is absolutely impossible to do this.

Is it harmful to heat the room including the oven
Is it harmful to heat the room including the oven

Heating a room with a device that is not intended for this can be fatal. Short circuits in houses where electricity is used, gas leaks - this is not a complete list of problems that can arise and lead to great difficulties.

Experts say: the owner of gas stoves should be especially careful. It just seems that an open fire warms better. In fact, it significantly spoils the air, further aggravating the situation.

What to Consider

Heating a room with an oven is pretty easy. However, it should be borne in mind that if you open the electric oven, your stove will immediately start working harder, because it will have to heat a much larger surface than the one for which it is designed. And this leads to an increase in energy consumption, and to a faster wear of the furnace, and to the likelihood of a short circuit. After all, if the wiring is old and weak, it simply may not withstand such bullying.

Putting something in an open oven for cooking (so that the oven supposedly works as intended) is not an option. After all, she will not have enough power to carry out her direct duties.

When it comes to gas stoves, the situation is even more serious. After all, such furnaces emit nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere, and at a fairly high level. And this is a rather dangerous carcinogen, leading to very unexpected consequences. For example, it can aggravate asthma in children prone to it. Preschoolers are especially affected.

If the ventilation system does not work well in the house, you risk getting serious poisoning with the help of such heating of the premises.

And no amount of airing will help and you cannot heat the room with an oven. Moreover, by opening the window and turning on the gas oven at the same time, you do not provide the proper level of heating. And as a result, you poison yourself more than you insulate your room.

What to do

The only sensible option that can be offered to those who like to warm up by the stove is to purchase an air conditioner or heater. Electrical appliances create a comfortable room temperature in minutes. At the same time, they are completely safe for humans and do not cause the development of such serious diseases as asthma or other problems with the respiratory system.

If possible, it is better to make a fireplace in the room. Small, but real. During combustion, firewood does not emit toxic substances, as a result of which the room is heated and no harm is caused to health.

And be sure to contact your housing office to resolve the issue with the temperature in the room. Perhaps your housing office will reconsider the conditions for supplying heat, if the whole house suffers just like you.

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