What Color Does The Color Of Alder Match With?

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What Color Does The Color Of Alder Match With?
What Color Does The Color Of Alder Match With?
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Modern trends in interior decoration call for experimentation. The interior of a house or apartment should reflect the tastes, interests, understanding of the comfort of its owners. Alder color will be a comfortable and neutral basis for self-expression.

What color does the color of alder match with?
What color does the color of alder match with?

Alder color: how to combine in the interior

The color of alder is considered the base color, suitable for creating a practical and pleasing to the eye interior. This light brown shade is warm, soft and somewhat sunshine. Most often, the color of alder is used for furniture and interior doors.

The light brown color of alder has a sunny yellow undertone. This shade is almost universal and perfect for a nursery, kitchen, hallway or bedroom. Less commonly, it is used when decorating a living room.

The soft color of alder goes well with intense, juicy tones. Bright shades such as red, blue, green will create a spectacular and original interior. Active colors look especially interesting as complementary ones.

Unusual, complex tones will become a wonderful "neighbor" for a democratic shade of alder. For example, pistachio, salmon, sky blue, pastel pink, peach, etc. Thanks to the tenderness and some mutedness of these colors, the interior will turn out to be calm and inviting to rest.

The color of alder also looks beautiful against the background of chocolate brown and milky shades. In the first case, the room will turn out to be contrasting, in the second - harmonious and neutral. The perfect combination gives alder color with gray-blue and pure gray shades. This combination of warm and cold tones looks bold and effective.

Designers do not recommend combining alder with pure black or white. This combination will turn out to be too harsh, not very suitable for a comfortable life. Graphite, dark purple and dark brown tones will help you create a beautiful contrast. Use pastel pink, ivory, or champagne instead of white.

Harmonious combination examples

Most often today, the color of alder can be found in the kitchen. Headsets of this shade are very popular due to their practicality. When choosing a harmonious color scheme for the rest of the room, rely on your taste preferences.

For example, if you want to create a soft, calm interior, choose milky and pastel shades. For a contrasting room, chocolate, dark green, purple will suit you. In any case, do not forget about bright accents: jars, dishes, decorative elements.

Alder-colored furniture is not very pretentious about the surroundings. It will easily fit into both dark and light interiors. The main thing to remember: it is intended more for creating a practical and versatile, rather than a designer room.

Alder-colored furniture is an excellent choice for a child's room. The base color can be easily supplemented with all shades of pink, blue or other tones. Juicy shades of textiles will help you get an interesting interior. For example, bedspreads and pillows made using the patchwork technique or multi-colored curtains will look great. The nursery will turn out to be very original, practical and comfortable.

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