Why Are Shaving Razors Called Disposable

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Why Are Shaving Razors Called Disposable
Why Are Shaving Razors Called Disposable

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For the male part of the world's population, daily shaving has become a habit, following which often resembles hard work. But if you have the right shaving tool on hand, the whole process of trimming your face takes a matter of minutes. One of the useful inventions that made skin care more effective was the disposable razor.

Why are shaving razors called disposable
Why are shaving razors called disposable

How razors came to be

In ancient times, rather exotic methods were used to remove facial hair. The skin was mercilessly scraped with stone plates, which were replaced by metal devices that looked like knife blades. In some cultures, the hair was even singed over a fire or torn off along with the tree resin previously applied to the mustache and beard. All of these methods required a lot of skill and sometimes courage.

Only at the beginning of the last century was the idea of ​​creating a shaving device that combined the effectiveness of a straight razor and ease of use brought to life. American inventor and traveling salesman Gillette, once again subjecting his face to the shaving procedure, figured out how to get rid of the need to regularly sharpen the blade. For this purpose, he developed a shaving device with replaceable blades clamped in a special device.

When the blade became dull, it could be very quickly and easily changed to a new one, leaving the old machine.

Within a few years, simple and easy-to-use interchangeable blade razors were sold worldwide in record numbers, receiving the most positive customer reviews. Over time, the inventor had strong competitors who were actively looking for ways to reduce the cost of this technical system, which could increase the competitiveness of the razor.

Disposable shaving machine: cheap and practical

A few decades after the first razor with replaceable blades was introduced, a new idea was found. By that time, a wide variety of disposable novelties were widely used in the world: fountain pens, lighters, dishes, paper diapers and even clothes. There was only one step left to start producing disposable razors that could be thrown away without regret after a single use.

The first such machine saw the light in the mid 70s of the last century. Its principal difference was that the machine had a working part rigidly attached to the handle, which did not need to be replaced with a new blade. The main advantage of the updated razor is its extremely low cost. The disposable machine did its job well only once, after which it could be thrown away. However, if you want to shave with such a machine, you can continue, but the comfort and efficiency of the shaving procedure with repeated use is noticeably reduced.

Sets consisting of several disposable machines are widely used in everyday life.

The disposable razor is based on the principle widely used in inventive practice and called "cheap fragility". With this approach, the manufacturer manages to significantly reduce the cost of developing "eternal" devices, replacing them with a set of cheap elements, sacrificing only some consumer qualities, in this case - durability. Reducing production costs has a positive effect on the consumer's wallet, and the manufacturer brings considerable profits due to large sales volumes.

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