How To Remove Orange Stains

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How To Remove Orange Stains
How To Remove Orange Stains

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Rapidity! This is what saves from stains. Stains that are not immediately removed will eat into the fabric and may become unrecoverable. A ripe juicy orange or tangerine can easily stain your favorite white blouse. There is no need to talk about children's clothes, especially on New Year's holidays.

How to remove orange stains
How to remove orange stains


Water, salt, vinegar (not wine) and all kinds of stain removers


Step 1

Try to immediately remove the stained clothing and direct a stream of cold water over the citrus stain. You can pre-blot the stain with a swab dipped in vinegar (but not wine).

Step 2

Remember the classic salt method. The stain is covered with table salt, which will absorb some of the moisture, this will prevent the stain from blurring. Then the thing needs to be washed.

Step 3

Extreme way. If the stained fabric is white, pour boiling water over the stain. Then stretch.

Step 4

Refer to school chemistry course. You will definitely remember that:

- acetic acid and acetone kill fabrics from acetate silk;

- acids and alcohols destroy dyes on fabrics (though not all);

- bleach is contraindicated in cotton fabrics;

- bleaching agents and alkalis are used only for white fabrics.

Step 5

What if you had a great time and the citrus stains are dry? What to do then? Fight!

Clean the item from dust. Shake it up. Check the color fastness of a colored item. Drop from an eyedropper or apply with a cotton swab in an inconspicuous place or on a piece of the same cloth with the product you intend to remove the stain with.

Step 6

Dampen a cloth around the stain with water or sprinkle with flour, starch, talcum powder to avoid streaks.

Place the stain on a clean white rag or some paper towels or paper towels.

Use a cotton pad or cotton wool to apply your existing stain remover from the edge to the center of the stain.

No time to mess around - apply powder "Vanish for color" or "Bose" or stain remover "Eared nanny" on the stain brought to a mushy state. Leave it overnight. Wash after adding stain remover to the stain.

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