How To Track A Parcel From China

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How To Track A Parcel From China
How To Track A Parcel From China

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With the widespread use of the Internet, Russians have gained access to Chinese online auctions and low-cost stores. Goods purchased in this way are delivered by mail, and the buyer, if desired, can track the passage of the parcel through the territory of China and Russia.

How to track a parcel from China
How to track a parcel from China


Step 1

Find out the track code of your package. This is an individual number that is assigned to international postal items. It can be communicated to you by the one who sent the parcel, for example, by sending the number in SMS or by e-mail.

Step 2

Find a website where you can check the location of your package. For example, you can use an informative resource like Post-Tracker. On his website with an interface in Russian, enter the parcel track code into the search bar, and then click on the check button. The system will give you information about whether the postal item is located in China or whether it has already arrived in Russia.

Step 3

Register on the Post-Tracker website and you will be able to receive regular notifications about where your package is. Also, for an additional fee, you can order SMS notifications. Payment is made on the website using a bank card.

Step 4

If you want to find out where the parcel is located as quickly as possible, look for data on the websites of the postal services themselves. Internet services with generalized information update the status of the parcel only once a day. Until the postal item has cleared customs, you can find out about its location on the website of China Post or Hong Kong Post, if the online store is registered in this city, and then on the Russian Post portal.

Step 5

Download to your computer a special program that will track the parcels. For example, such a program can be found on the TrackChecker resource. It can be installed on a computer or smartphone. Downloading such a program is free, and if you wish, you can connect support for the Russian language. When using the program, you will need an internet connection. In addition to the track number, you will need to indicate the country, as well as the type of postal service.

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