When The Lilac Blooms

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When The Lilac Blooms
When The Lilac Blooms

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At the end of spring, on long transparent evenings, when everything around is already filled with a thick green color, there is a fragrant and enchanting aroma in the air. The lilacs were blooming. Flowering continues for about two weeks.

Lilac blooms
Lilac blooms


There is a beautiful old legend. Once the goddess of spring, mixing the rays of the sun with the variegated rays of the rainbow, showered them on meadows, fields, crevices of rocks, valleys and tree branches. Wherever these life-giving rays fell, flowers bloomed red and pink, dark blue and pale blue, snow white and golden. They formed umbrellas, stars, bowls, brushes, bells and ears.

It was a riot of beauty, splendor and fragrance. And it was lilac.

There are many legends about lilacs. But Scandinavian is the most beautiful. And the most important thing about lilacs is told in it: it is luxurious, unusually beautiful, diverse and multifaceted. They began to grow it quite recently - about five centuries ago. The variety of lilac varieties among all ornamental shrubs is second only to rhododendrons and roses.

Where do you come from

Greece and Asia Minor are considered the birthplace of lilacs. She came to Russia at the beginning of the 17th century. Lilac is an ornamental shrub with a height of 2 to 7 meters, which has a powerful root system. Perhaps this is the most common shrub that can be found in almost every yard.

There is a simple lilac, and there is also a terry lilac. Simple is so unpretentious that it grows in whole thickets, forming living fragrant hedges. Terry lilac is a sissy and very capricious when transplanting. Her aroma is much weaker than that of wild lilac.

In botanical gardens, different varieties of this shrub are cultivated, there are dozens of varieties, colors and shades. But every year, more and more new species are brought out. During the flowering period, the botanical gardens are just a pilgrimage for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty and heady aroma.

Freshly cut bouquets of lilacs are not recommended to be left in your home overnight. You can get a severe allergy or a severe headache. Therefore, you should not cut and give a bouquet of lilacs. Moreover, there is an alternative - the scent of lilac flowers is part of many perfumery products. This is a line of perfumes for women and men, eau de toilette, shampoos and soaps.

Flowering period

There are early and late lilacs. Its flowering depends on weather conditions and the area of ​​growth. Early lilac blooms in early May and in dry warm weather pleases with lush flowering. However, fluffy lilacs fade quickly.

If the spring is cool and with heavy rainfall, then the lilacs bloom in mid-May. This is common lilac. Hungarian lilac blooms at the end of May.

Late lilac blooms in the first decade of June, its flowering is long and the aroma that the flowers of this shrub exude intoxicates and envelops everything around. It is not for nothing that a folk omen has arisen: if you find a five-petal corolla in an inflorescence and eat it, then luck awaits the lucky one.

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