How The Peach Blooms

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How The Peach Blooms
How The Peach Blooms

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The peach is a truly amazing plant, the beauty of the flowers of which rivals the amazing taste of the fruit. Perhaps that is why peach trees are covered with numerous legends and are very revered in the countries of the East.

How the peach blooms
How the peach blooms

Peach in symbolism and mythology

The origin of the peach is China. Since ancient times, the peach has been considered a symbol of immortality there. In mythology, he figured as one of the Three Blessed Fruits (the other two were citrus and pomegranate). Legends say that peach trees grow at the entrance to the caves leading to the underworld. It was believed that their wood drives away demons. Beautiful peach blossoms were associated with the image of a young girl. In addition, they symbolized the confusion of feelings inherent in youth. In many countries, the peach is a symbol of longevity and warm family relationships. According to Eastern philosophy, peach flowers give new love to an abandoned woman or young widow. In Vietnam, a flowering peach tree symbolizes spring, and in Japan there is even a peach blossom festival.

Peach blossom

The peach belongs to the Rosaceae family. Breeders have bred many beautiful decorative varieties with simple, double or semi-double flowers. There are very different colors of peach flowers - white, pink, red, and sometimes two-color. Delicate and graceful flowers densely cover the branches of the trees, spreading a light and pleasant scent, successfully used to create exquisite fragrances. Peach bloom lasts 6-12 days, however, in extreme heat, it fades after 3 days.

Useful properties of peach

Peach fruits are distinguished by sweet and juicy pulp and ruddy velvety skin. The pulp in different varieties can be white, yellow or reddish. Fresh peaches are the richest source of vitamin C. People who love to feast on them rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases and brain disorders, due to their high content of potassium and phosphorus. Peaches are essential for those who suffer from anemia or metabolic disorders, as they contain a lot of iron. Peaches have a beneficial effect on pregnant women, children and adolescents, as well as those who suffer from low acidity. From the pulp of peaches, masks are made for the skin of the face, thanks to which it acquires a healthy look, becoming fresh, elastic and tender. Peach pits are the basis for the production of cosmetic oils with a bitter almond scent. Thus, beauty, health and great taste are equally inherent in peach.

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