How To Register A Barcode

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How To Register A Barcode
How To Register A Barcode

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The barcode of the product, formed according to the international standard, allows any interested person on the planet to get quick access to complete information about the product and its manufacturer via the Internet. The assignment of barcodes in Russia is carried out by the Association for Automatic Identification, which is a member of the international voluntary non-profit association GS1.

How to register a barcode
How to register a barcode


  • - company seal;
  • - 25,000 rubles.


Step 1

Please note that, according to Russian law, individual entrepreneurs (IE), entrepreneurs without a legal entity (unincorporated entity) are not organizations, so they cannot join an association, since it is an association of organizations, and, accordingly, cannot receive a barcode. code.

Step 2

Submit your application for joining the association: the application form is on the association's website (, it is filled out on a computer, signed by the head of the company and sealed. Only the original of the application, which is sent by mail, is considered valid.

Step 3

Attach to the application a list of products to be barcoded (the form of the list is also publicly available on the association's website). Sign the form with your facility's barcoding officer and stamp it. At the initial contact, you can list only the main types of products, later it will be possible to supplement the list in working order (30 days before the release of a new type, send a new list by e-mail or fax).

Step 4

Receive from the association a confirmation of receipt of the original of your application and transfer to its current account 25,000 rubles - a membership fee (details are indicated in the application form). One year after the transfer of the first membership fee (the date of your joining the association), an annual membership fee is paid, which is 15,000 rubles.

Step 5

Please note that obtaining a barcode is voluntary. The accession information emphasizes that the association is a non-profit organization that does not profit from the assignment and control of bar codes. In accordance with the law, membership fees are not subject to VAT, invoices and acceptance certificates are not issued for them.

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