How To Register A Service Activity

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How To Register A Service Activity
How To Register A Service Activity

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Service activity is the work of providing services to the population. It includes various areas, but in any case is subject to mandatory registration, which consists in registration, licensing and authorization of the service center.

How to register a service activity
How to register a service activity

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Service activity allows you to meet someone's needs in various directions. However, it is impossible to do this on a large scale on your own, therefore, the creation of any business begins with the registration of a company. In order to register a service center, you need to go to the tax office, which is located at the place of residence, and register your company. So it will be registered as a legal entity, which allows you to order stamps and seals of the organization. It is very important to do this. You should open a current account in a bank, since without it you will not be able to carry out cashless transactions with legal entities.


It is required to issue a license that gives the right to engage in certain activities. There is no need to obtain a license for each type of activity. For example, if an authorized service center repairs garden equipment, a license is not required, but the maintenance of medical equipment is subject to mandatory licensing. The premises that are bought or rented must also be documented.


Authorization for the service center is required if post-warranty or warranty technical repairs are performed. This means that there must be a legal right to carry out this activity. The fact is that the buyer of the equipment that broke down during the warranty period can contact an authorized service center. At the same time, repair or replacement of faulty equipment is free. Most equipment manufacturers cannot locate personal service centers close to the production site. In this case, they conclude an agreement with the service center that has authorization. He must have a reception point, an equipped repair shop and a vehicle adapted to transport large loads, then the service center will be able to function according to the requirements of the manufacturer, who supplies parts free of charge, pays for repair work and carries out other actions related to the maintenance of his equipment.

It turns out that registration and licensing are two mandatory stages when registering service activities, and authorization is required only if warranty repair of equipment is carried out. If all these requirements are met, there will be no problems with legislation, and the business will bring good income.

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